Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Frickin Fun Flakes

Summer of 2017
We started out this summer with a road trip to a place I had been but had wanted to take my family, Coeur d'Alene Idaho. We went with our good friends, The Taylors who we have been friends with since Aaron and I moved to Boise, before we had kids. We've done other trips together before and we always have a great time.  On the way we decided we needed a family hashtag. So we thought about it and talked about it on the way and decided on #frickinfunflakes. I love it! Here are some pics from that trip.
Also- Vacation Aaron is the best Aaron because he throws all frugality out the window and splurges on things like a private plane tour over the lake and parasailing.

I loved this hike around Tubbs Hill even though Piper is terrible at walking. "Hold you!"

 Here's us on the plane. I kinda felt like we were super cheesy contestants on The Bachelor, talking through the headset.  Piper was scared, but I think the rest of of loved it.

  Then, later that day Aaron and Brighton went parasailing.

Probably the highlight of the trip was biking the 12 mile Hiawatha bike trail. This is the bike trip that almost didn't happen! When we got there we were told that since their official summer season hadn't started yet, they didn't have shuttles in place. So this meant if we biked the 12 miles (mostly slightly downhill) then we'd have to bike the 12 miles back up and I knew the kids (or I) wouldn't be up for that. BUT, Aaron being Aaron was able to talk the lady into calling someone to shuttle us. We were so tired by the time we got done, but the views were INCREDIBLE.

We also toured an old gold mine;

Silverwood theme park was also super fun. It was awesome because the schools there weren't out of session until the next week, so we had the park pretty much to ourselves. I don't think we waited in any lines!  I'm sure I took pictures but can't find any of us there.

Some other highlights of the summer were:
Idaho Falls for 4th of July.

My 20 year class reunion.

The four of us went up to my parents' cabin after the reunion for a couple days for some girl time! We had a blast!

The Flake Family Reunion at the Ranch. Deacon and Jayden or "Bacon and Charlie." Deacon had so much fun playing games with his Gamache cousin all week and sobbed when it was time to leave!

Box Canyon was terrifying to me but super fun. One of my scariest moments as a mom was when I thought I'd lost Deacon forever off the cliffs. 

Brighton and Aspen

Bear Lake Hale Reunion

We bought a pop up camper and had a fun time camping this summer...

 Another fun trip (Camping in Cascade) with the Taylors. Brighton got stung by a bee in her foot right before this. Ouch!  Baby Jane was not a happy camper on the float trip. :(

We forgot to return the boat pump so after driving the two hours home to Meridian I had to drive back to cascade that night to return it!

We got interviewed by Natalie Hurst for KBOI news for a back to school segment. Natalie was my co-worker when I worked at Channel 2 news in Boise. She was the first person to visit me at home when I had Brighton.

We got 99% total Eclipse of the sun in Boise and had a big party in the park!


We love our neighborhood friends!  Hudson Bankhead, Lainey Garn and Lincoln Garn

Eagle Island