Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 Whenever a child, especially a toddler, does something naughty, people like to refer to it as "just a phase". Well Piper has a nice, fun assortment of phases right now! Including (but not limited to) taking off her pants whenever and wherever she can, climbing up on the bathroom counter and turning on the water, climbing up on the table to destroy whatever anyone is working on/eating, not eating anything herself. But my favorites are following me around all day screaming "mom!" at the top of her lungs like an angry teenager, screaming super loud whenever any other child goes near her and being REALLY mean to Deacon. In fact, a woman at the store actually stopped me yesterday to tell me that her baby also went through a really loud screaming phase and she recommended ear plugs. It's THAT loud.  My theme song for her right now is "Why you gotta be so mean?" The tricky part is when I get upset with her and attempt to use a stern "NO" voice, she thinks it's really funny and laughs and says "wowwy" (sorry)... and smiles her huge smile which makes it really hard to stay mad!  This video was at first an attempt to capture the way she yells "mom!" I didn't really get the essence of the way her voice usually sounds when she yells it, but I did capture a screaming match with her and Deacon over some root beer and in the end her hitting on Deacon. Seriously, she whacks him with toys and pulls his hair whenever possible and he just takes it like a champ. Little stinker. I should have let the camera roll longer but my instinct to stop the hitting took over. Enjoy. :)

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Look who learned to spell boo.....on our sidewalk....with permanent marker.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The highlight of our day

.....was playing outside until dark and eating homemade popsicles!

He said what?!

So last week I'm in Target with my mom and Deacon. You know when you're busy looking at something and you hear your child in the background saying something over and over again but you're mentally blocking out what they're saying? Like tuning them out? So I hear Deacon saying something over and over but I'm not paying attention. Finally I look over and he's holding up a bra saying boobie masks! Boobie masks! Boobie masks! When I realized what he was saying my mom and I just started cracking up! I can see where he's coming from! But this kid is actually obsessed with boobs. Hopefully this post doesn't get flagged as inappropriate.  But just for good measure, boobs.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Appreciating it all

Lately I have been almost in a panic about how to appreciate my kids while I have them at home. I think part of that comes from the infertility and a lot of it right now is coming from Brighton starting the 1st grade. All the sudden she is just gone all day, & I have no idea what she is doing, if she is eating, who she is playing with, if she is happy or sad. Letting her go has been harder than I thought it would be. I always hear people say they wish they would have "appreciated it more" when their kids are little, but how do you do that? I think part of it is playing with them so I have the memories when they grow up. But the idea of just appreciating it more is a little abstract to me. I use to be a lot better at blogging when I only had Brighton but its so hard for me to find time to sit down at the computer and type, especially with Aaron working at home on our only computer. Plus, getting pictures on the computer to use for blogging takes forever. Last night as I was driving home from Idaho Falls it hit me almost like inspiration, that I should check to see if there is an app for blogger, and there is! I just downloaded it onto my tablet and now my goal is to blog a lot more so that I can appreciate the little things that happen in my day. I think it will be easier just taking pictures with my tablet and blogging  right from my tablet. Even if there are more typos because I'm using the speaking feature, instead of typing. Plus there will be a lot fewer ...'s like I use all the time when I type. An old habit from my days off television news writing. My blog probably won't be as entertaining as it once was but it's something I feel like I need to do. We'll see if I stick to this new resolution!

Also I will continue to post the things that are real in my life like Deacon playing the Wii and the mess in the background. and my constant view of Piper reaching up to me, wanting to be held all the time. Its kinda annoying but maybe thesse are the things i need to appreciate.