Thursday, October 29, 2009


Aaron wanted me to get the pictures of our pumpkin carving up here, so here they are! We have carved pumpkins with our friends Ryan and Natalie for the last three years, since Natalie and I were both pregnant with our first babies!

Here we were back then.... (super embarrassing picture of me.)

Here are this years! It was super funny because Brighton looked at me for a second and said, "mommy you look pretty!" which was weird because I didn't... and so I said "thanks... ?" and she said "You look pretty in your pumpkin making dress!" So funny. I was wearing an apron circa 1950 that my grandma gave me!

Natalie is making a "Twilight-New Moon" pumpkin. I made a Snow White one for Brighton and a regular jack-o-lantern for me. Aaron free-styled his and it was the awesomest!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall fun

Part of me loves fall because I love the colors, my birthday and getting to pull out fall clothes. Shallow, huh. ;) But I dread it because it means winter is coming! And now that I don't do much snowboarding, winter is just a drag! But fall is great, while it lasts.
We took Brighton to Linder Farms which is this huge, awesome pumpkin patch. Brighton went through the hay maze like five times and we had fun picking out pumpkins. Lately it is a total challenge to get her to look at the camera for pictures. She is openly rebellious about it. I guess almost three years of constant picture taking is wearing on her!

This past weekend our friends hosted a Halloween carnival where each family did a booth. Aaron has recently discovered a talent, nay, a passion, for balloon tying. He spent all of Saturday looking up different techniques for making balloon creations and he was a hit at the party!

Brighton was a Superhero Princess... a costume I envisioned in my sleep one night. She had silver superhero arm and leg cuffs and a belt and a cape and a princess skirt and a crown and her favorite part was getting to wear the makeup mask.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've totally become the nosy neighbor

Aaron talks about this neighbor they had that they loved to provoke because she was always watching them and would periodically call the police on them. He and his brothers have some funny stories about her..sister.. someone.
Anyway, that's totally me. There used to be two teenage boys living across the street and now one is graduated and one is living with his mom. So today I come home around lunchtime and there are four boys sitting in the bed of a truck, hanging out in front of the house and I totally gave them the stare-down... the stink-eye if you will. Now I keep looking out the window to see if they're still there because I know they should be in school! LOL. Why do I have nothing better to do? A while ago they had a party while their dad was out of town and I kept watching to see if they were bringing in keggers or something. How lame am I?

But I guess I would want neighbors watching out for my kids... Growing up I could never figure out how I ALWAYS got busted for stuff when my parents were out of town. Did they have surveillance cameras watching our comings and goings? How did they find out when I took the car for a drive around the block before I had my license? Well I know now, it was Brother Fillmore. LOL. Then there was the time that was so coincidental it was not funny. My brother Gregg had his license but I didn't. After school I begged him to let me drive and he finally said I could drive for like 5 seconds in the mall parking lot. So I got in the driver's seat and drove up ONE row of cars and who do you think pulls up behind me? MY DAD!!! How he just happened to be in the mall parking lot at 4:00 in the afternoon at the same time is still beyond me but I was SO BUSTED! It's funny to think about all the things I never got away with when I was a teenager. I'm sure I'm in for a handful if there is such thing as karma!
P.S. I love Halloween because I love those little boxes of DOTS so much!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gum Recycling Can? What?

What? Is this.

I am all for being environmentally concious. In fact, you would have thought it was my birthday yesterday how excited I got over our new great big co-mingled recycling bins in Meridian. But a gum recycling can is just going too far! LOL.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ok. Starting.... NOW.

I know I said on Thursday that I wanted to blog every day for two weeks and now it's Monday. But I have a good excuse, for realsies. Thursday after I blogged I was feeling spontaneous and Brighton wanted to go to the zoo, so we went! It was way fun. Then I was still feeling spontaneous so I decided to drive to Idaho Falls. We were planning a girls weekend at the cabin and it kind of fell apart but Heather was still flying in from Las Vegas, so I decided to drive over and Tami and Autym came and we all went to the cabin and chilled all weekend. I scrapbooked the entire time and got tons done and it was basically really relaxing. I left Bright with Aaron for the weekend and I think they had way too much fun with balloons. So now I'm back!

Here is Brighton at the zoo. She is OBSESSED with that yellow dress. "Mountain Grandma" (Aaron's mom) sent it to her and she loves it. She fishes it out of the dirty clothes to wear it and wants to wear it every day. It is her "rerow dress". So she spotted it in the laundry pile and said "My rerow dress!" but it was only like in the 50's that day but she was so determined to wear it I had to put long sleeves and tights under it. :) Still super cute. I really didn't know a two-year-old could be SO obsessed with clothes!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back to blogging the basics

Blogging feels like so much pressure to me, which I know isn't the way it's supposed to be. It's like "blah-ging". Especially if I'm going to blog about my family life, I just need to keep it to the simple memories I want to remember. SO- I have a new goal. I want to blog at least a sentence a day for at least two weeks. It will get me in the habit of thinking of things to blog about and hopefully will help me see the shining spots in my day.
Aaron and I were talking about what it's like to stay home with Bright and although I love it, the days can be monotonous. So this will help me find humour in everyday life... I hope.
Also, sweet Aaron bought me a camera for my birthday. He has a big-honkin' digital SLR and every time I want to take a pic of something during the day I have to drag it out. So he bought me a tiny Kodak easyshare, which is perfect. I keep it right on the kitchen bar so I can whip it out and take pictures.

PERFECT!- As I was writing Brighton came in the room and said, "watch this!" She was attempting to pat her head and rub her tummy at the same time and actually doing a pretty good job, so I snapped a picture. (Yes, she's still in pajamas, but aren't those the cutest PJ's ever?)

Yesterday's picture was of her sleeping on the couch, but you'll notice she's wearing a diaper over her pants. She wanted to play baby and so I put a diaper on her, lol... And the funniest thing she said yesterday was at Costco. We had just had a sample of soy milk (I could write a whole blog post about Costco)... Anyway then I went to buy milk and Bright says "but you just had milk." Me: "This milk is for our house." Bright: "But I thought houses couldn't drink milk." :)

Also, I promise every day won't be solely about the funny things Brighton says. Actually, I can't promise that. Maybe nothing else funny will happen. But I'll try. Promise.