Saturday, August 30, 2014

Siblings Stick Together

Growing up with a little sister 4 years younger than me, there were always neighbor girls and friends trying to come between us. The girls closer to my age would want to play with me and exclude Lynzi, and my mom would ALWAYS say "Sisters Stick Together." And that really stuck with me!  Now whenever that happens with Brighton and Deacon I say "Siblings Stick Together."
Since moving this Spring and leaving our old friends behind, Brighton and Deacon have become closer and relied on each other more as playmates. This was really the case during our trip to Arizona for our Flake family reunion. At first I was sad because Brighton didn't really fit in with the Flake cousins. She's kind of younger than the main group of cousins and the cousin her age is so used to tagging along with the older cousins, Brighton just didn't have a group. Stuff like that breaks my heart. I didn't really have cousins I was close with growing up and I always thought my kids would have tons of cousins their age, but because I waited a little longer to have kids, it's not really the case.  I was feeling bad for Brighton when I realized how cute she and Deacon were relying on each other.

I even captured a sweet moment at the Flake Family Rodeo when they were trying to chase the "money calf." Let's just say my kids are city folk! Deacon got rammed in the stomach by the calf and Brighton stayed behind to put her arm around him. It was so sweet. The pic is blurry cause I had to zoom way in, but you get the point.