Thursday, March 27, 2014

Losing teeth!

Kids go through such a funny awkward phase when they're losing teeth! Little tiny hillbillies! And then they look even more awkward when those grown up teeth start growing in that teeny mouth. I think it's the first weird-looking phase we go through in life but it's adorable too!
Brighton's first lost tooth was a bit traumatic- it was clear back this summer and it was so loose and I really wanted to pull it out.... that backfired and I had to vow never to do it again.

So now every tooth is super jiggly for at least a week until it finally gives up and falls out on it's own.  Now she's lost four or five and both of her front teeth are missing!

Catching Up- Birthdays!

Brighton turned 7 in January and Piper turned 2 a couple weeks ago! Bright said a while ago that she wanted a big pile of pancakes with a candle on it for her birthday, so I made it happen! She loved it! Her birthday was still during Christmas break- so we had all day to make her feel special!  We didn't throw her a party because we did a big carnival party for her this summer. But that afternoon we wanted to take the kids somewhere fun, so we let her invite two neighbor girls, Anila and Lilly to come to "Jabbers" with us, which is just a big play place. As they were in there, I realized Brighton is almost too big for places like that! :(  She still loves make-believe roll playing type games so this place is fun because it has a big life-size "doll house" with dress ups and a grocery store that they can play in. She loves that stuff but her friends didn't so much, which made me realize she's on the verge of outgrowing it. Super sad. Then she wanted to go to Olive Garden. I felt pretty ambitious taking my 3 kids plus two others to a place like that, but they did great and it was really fun! Then we came home and opened presents. Her cake was Minnie Mouse Bow-tique, which just meant that we took her Minnie Mouse bowtique set and put it all over the cake. That's how I roll.

Some things about Brighton at 7:   She still loves art. She got an easel and paints and markers for her birthday and loves them!
Here's her favorite quote: "I don't want boys to be in love with me, but when they are I want them to be even more in love with me." She thinks every boy in the world is in love with her. Or as she says "In loved with me"  Yes we can all be frightened for the future.
She's very sweet to Piper and a big help to me taking care of her.
She can still have a bit of a temper!
Her favorite foods are cowboy spuds, french dip sandwiches and glazed doughnuts. (I took krispy kremes to her class the day they went back to school after Christmas break.)
She has an intense fear of sweat right now- other people's, especially foot sweat.
She loves attention!
She is stubborn and has a hard time doing ANYTHING unless its her idea.

Now onto Piper!
Her birthday was a Sunday and we're kind of in the middle of moving to our new house, so we didn't do much, but it was perfect for a 2 year old who really has no idea what's happening anyway. :) I made her an  Elmo cake out of Jello no-bake cheesecake, raspberries, oranges and mini oreos. She just wanted to blow out the candle over and over, so eventually I was just letting her blow out the lighter over and over. She got princess shoes, a Minnie mouse shirt, a princess klip klop castle and my big splurge, her Minnie Mouse ride-on. She loved everything! (And Brighton wrapped up the pony she got for Christmas and gave that to her.

About Piper at 2:
There are SO many Piper-isms right now. She's the most particular baby/toddler I've ever had! She wants what she wants, when she wants it! The best word for her is "persnickety!" Whether it's certain shoes, a certain cup or wanting to be on my lap, she wants it!
"hold you!"  "milt (milk)" "babo (bottle)"  She says c and K like a T so it's "drint and mommy loot (look)!"  "Piper's turn!" "Piper do it!" She wants to do everything herself!  She's basically a parrot and will say anything we say, which is pretty funny. 
She loves oranges, peas, cereal, hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.
She has a temper!
Her best friend is Matthew. I've never seen such young kids love each other so much!- especially after hating each other so much. She used to SCREAM when she even looked at him. He's my friend Abby's little 2 year old and she sees him at the gym nursery, church and twice a week when we babysit each other's kids, so they're like brother and sister. They're ADORABLE together. And Abby is like an aunt to her. She LOVES Abby- sometimes more than me. She always says "Abby's house!"
She just wants to follow the big kids around and do everything they do.
She loves "Frozen"!  She says Mo-nan instead of snowman.
I love this little stinker pot! Even though she tries my patience like crazy, she's super sweet too and gives big loves and kisses. If I'm not listening to her, she'll grab my face with both hands and say "listen mommy". :) She's a crack up.