Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Golden Summer of Many to Come!

I love summer. And I love THIS summer. Really, when you think about it, I think this is the first of many golden summers yet to come. Last year Piper was barely 1 and hard to take anywhere and Deacon was 3 and still a "runner." The year before Pip was a newborn and Deacon was a major runner. The year before that Deacon was 1, the year before that he was a newborn, the year before that was In Vitro... the year before that Brighton was 2 and that was pretty do-able but I didn't really have any friends... and the year before that Brighton was 1.
 But THIS year things are GOOD! The week after school got out I was really itching for an adventure, so my friend Jessica and I took the kids to the greenbelt in Eagle and it was sooo nice and relaxing and summery.

I think Piper was giving me a blurry thumbs up.

Since then we've done Roaring Springs, Lucky Peak Sandy Beach twice, a trip to Island Park/Yellowstone with our friends the Stimpsons, several days in Idaho Falls while my car got fixed. (I ran over a scrap of metal on the highway and punctured my gas tank.) Lava hot springs where the kids did the water slide! Swim lessons and our neighborhood pool almost every single day! (Those were not in chronological order.) My kids are brown from the sun, my house is a mess, the only groceries in my fridge is fruit from the summer fruit stand and I have piles of laundry a mile high but I'm happy. :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

First and Last Day of 1st Grade!

I can't believe 1st grade is over! I spent a couple months adjusting/mourning Brighton being gone all day and just when I got used to it it was over!
Things gained in 1st grade:
   New friends: Best friends were Jordan, Sophia B and Aracely
   Great teacher: Mrs. "T" (Jill Tittsworth)
   Reading Skills: Went from barely reading to fluently reading 2nd and 3rd grade chapter books!
   A new house!

Things lost in 1st grade:
   FIVE coats and jackets
   FOUR teeth
   THREE lunchboxes
   TWO pairs of shoes
   ONE house
  first                                                                             last


Mother's Day Pictures

I have a little tradition that I like to take pictures with my kids every Mother's Day. It's not often that we do one-on-one pictures with the kids, and I hope they'll be special to all of us when we're all old and stuff. So here are this year's pictures!

 And this picture of Piper is just too cute not to post. :)