Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yes, this is a cop-out blog post. 25 random things!

25 Random things and I mean RANDOM
1. I don't think there are 25 interesting things about me, but I am RANDOM by nature, so I'll try.
2. My feet grew 1/2 inch while I was pregnant. I think all my fat squished them out.
3. I really like it when TV shows call themselves "events". Like a premiere event. It makes me feel like I'm all dressed up attending an event, as opposed to what I'm really doing- lounging on the couch in pj's.
4. I think Q and C are wastes of letters. Q could be accomplished with a "kw" I mean you need to pair a U with it anyway and C is really just S or K. Americans are so wasteful.
5. Speaking of waste, I consider myself an environmentalist and do what I can to stay "green" without going over the top.
6. I miss my family so stinking bad it hurts, but love living in Boise.
7. I went to three different BYU's. Idaho, Hawaii and Utah and then did a BYU internship program in New York City
.8. I could probably eat an entire bucket of red vines by myself in about a week's time.
9. I'm addicted to the gym.
10. I RARELY cry and never cry at movies. Sometimes I do cry during books though.
11. Sometimes I miss doing TV news but love staying home with Bright and doing Public Relations.
12. I kill plants. Not on purpose, but I do.
13. I have like 30 purses but always use the same one.
14. I had fish named "Joe Black and Damnit" in college and a lizard named Truman. May they rest in peace.
15. I get a little creeped out when I see Elmo's full body doing something like riding his trike. Can't explain it.
16. I got over my fear of heights by bungee jumping, hang gliding and sky diving.
17. Now about the only thing I'm afraid of is trains and spiders.
18. I overuse the word freaking. What is it, 1999? I also overuse (...)'s. I think they're called elipsis.
19. I've had two Elton John mugs and either lost or broken both of them within 24 hours. I love Sir Elton.
20. I'm really sad about the death of the sit-com. I love sit coms. Really, let's be honest, I love TV.
21. I buy care bears more for myself than for Bright.
22. I CAN'T stay at home all day. I'll make excuses to run errands just to get out of the house.
23. I was a vegetarian for like eight years and now I'm a full-on meat eater.
24. I'm not going to tag anyone in this note because everyone on Facebook has been tagged a billion times.
25. I haven't heard Brighton for a while and she just ran in the room buck-naked. Nice. yay, I'm done!