Friday, April 3, 2009

Funny things of the week

Every parent thinks their kids is HI-larious! I realize that... and Aaron and I awknowledge the fact that the things I tell him about Bright everyday that are SO funny to us, really aren't funny. But just when she says a phrase for the first time or does something cute, I don't want to forget! And with Aaron's memory (think Dori from Finding Nemo) I better write a few things down each week so we dont' forget.

Her voice gets all low and manly when she's trying to talk for someone else like her dolly or a toy. It's really bizarre. And her fake drinking noise when we're playing tea party is also manly and it sounds more like "rar rar" in a really low voice.

She gets the questions "How old are you?" and "What is your name?" confused. So someone will say how old are you and she says "Bright Bright, which actually sounds like Bight bight". She has never once referred to herself as Brighton. And now when someone asks her name she says two. So just now she was talking for her Dora doll in her manly voice and I asked Brighton her name and at first she said "two". Then when I asked how old she was she said "Dowa" and I said, "What is your full name?" thinking she would say Dowa the explowa and she said "Dowa Flake". Hee.

So I totally jacked up my foot at the gym and had an ice pack. The next day I was trying to get her to follow me into the other room and all the sudden she saw the melted ice pack and said "Wait, I found something! A bag of water!" It was like her biggest treasure ever.

She's started to call Aaron and me "guys" and if we're even joke fighting or raising our voices she runs in the room and says "Be nice guys!"

Well I had to take a break from blogging right now because we've been potty-training all week and #1 is going GREAT. No accidents for two days and she's going on her own. #2 is a different story. She is totally anti poop on the potty so we have to run what we call "poop patrol" to make sure she's not going in her poop corner where she hides to poop. So I put her down for a nap while I was blogging and I heard the poop grunt. I ran in there as fast as I could but the damage was done. Why oh why child? What is so traumatic about pooping in the potty? We even went to the toy store and picked out this dolly that crawls and coos and it's up on top of the lamp just waiting for her to poop in the potty so she can play with it. It's motion-sensored so everytime a car drives by the thing goes off! She was holding it at the store and kept patting the doll on the head saying "good boy". (totally pink)

Anyway, so I thought maybe I'd make the poop in the panties seem traumatic, so I put her in the tub and the poop got on her leg and on the tub so I was trying to make her wash it for me... totally didn't phase her to wipe the poop off the tub. On one hand- bonus. I have a kid who can clean up her own poop. On the other hand- Dang! I was trying to freak the kid out with her own poop.

Well sorry the poop story took over the funny stories but people who weren't here might find it amusing. :)
I'll try to post some recent pictures soon too. :)