Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Ten Day Road Trip

How is summer going so quickly? This has been such a fun summer. I now have an excuse to play like a kid all summer, going to waterparks and the park and pool. Oh, it's such a sacrifice to be home with Brighton all day!
We recently got home from a long road trip that took us from Boise to Idaho Falls- the ONLY place to spend the 4th of July (in my opinion). From there we met Aaron's family in Island Park where we stayed at my parents cabin, floating the river, golfing and taking the boat out on the reservoir. Next stop, Wyoming! Since my sister Tami lives there I got to visit with her and spend time at Aaron's uncle's house- it's an old LDS church that they turned into a house in Grover, WY. It's super cool. He owns a riding and rafts business, so some of the family rode horses and we took a raft up to a little mountain lake. It was gorgeous. Like I said in my last post, even though my heart belongs to the beach, Wyoming is just one of the most beautiful places to be in the summer. Just don't catch me there in the winter!!! Poor Tami. :(

I have to blog for a second about the one of the nuttiest things. You know how they say when you have a good experience you tell one person, when you have a bad experience you tell 10? Well I'm telling the whole blog world because this made me SOOO mad!! And if you know me, you know it takes A LOT to make me mad. We went to this little pizza place called Gunnar's Pizza, which used to have really good pizza. We went at 9:00 and when we saw that they were open until 10:00 pm decided to change our order to stay. The worker said it was fine, but the waitress was obviously not happy that we were there and she didn't try to hide her distaste!! She was so rude, snapping at everyone and pulling out the attitude. I brought in some little corn puffs to keep Brighton occupied so she didn't disturb the whole restaurant, and the waitress full-on took them away from her!! (And not in a nice way). She did the same thing to my sister-in-law with her Diet Coke. She just kept making little snaps at the kids and was just not nice.
So when we left, Aaron thought it would be the right thing to do to explain the situation to the manager and explain why we were only leaving a 10% tip (which is more than she deserved for throwing some paper plates on the table and bringing out the pizza). We even had to get our own water. Anyway, they threw a fit and said there was a mandatory 15% tip for parties over 8. They were so rude and then got our license plates and threatened to call the Sheriff!!! I'd like to hear that call "Yes, sheriff, a customer just left a 10% tip, instead of 15%, could you arrest them please?? LOL. Anyway, they charged our credit card for the tip, unauthorized, so just be careful if you ever get a hankering for pizza in Alpine, Wyoming! We laugh about it now, but we were all so mad that night! (Ok, we were laughing about it as we drove down the road.)

Well the trip ended with Sara's wedding in Logan. I must say, I've never seen a bride look so beautiful!! She was just glowing. Aaron did the photography and got some great pictures. We drove down to Ogden to spend the night and decided spur of the moment to go to Lagoon. It was so fun! My BFF from college Katie and her son Mac joined us, as well as my BFF sister Lynzi. It was such a fun day. May summer live forever!!