Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have so many "family events" to blog about. First day of Kindergarten, Brighton riding a bike, summer camping and vacations.  But when I have a minute I usually have a story that fits better on my new, other blog,   But today I thought I'd re-post it on this blog as well.

Why do babies love hair? As in- grabbing hair and holding on like their life depends on it? It all makes sense why all our moms had short hair. My hair is longer than it's been since high school and my 5 year old has SUPER long hair. The other day I see that Piper has a huge hairball in her hand while sitting in her Bumbo. "Holy Cow Bright! Did she pull this hair out of your head? I'm surprised I didn't hear you scream from a block away!"

"No mom. I know how Piper loves to grab my hair, so I got a chunk of hair out of your brush and gave it to her to play with. Isn't that nice?" Ew. And I wondered why I was finding hair in her diaper.