Friday, January 17, 2014

Wii addict!

I am having major issues with Deacon and his Wii. Before Thanksgiving he started getting into simple things like the Wii sword fighting games and other physical games like that. Then at Thanksgiving I bought Super Mario Brothers, more for me than anyone. Haha. Well Deacon was instantly in love and wants to play it morning until night. Before the Wii it was my tablet, so I know he just likes games and screens which is probably common in boys but now it's too out of control. Today I turned the Wii off and tried to get him to play with toys but he is really struggling and I struggle to know what to do with him. So today I let him paint, then finger paint.
 Then I let him get in the bathtub with water and a huge bowl of "Orbeez". Probably not the best thing for home maintenance to have bits of squishy gel balls going down the drain, but it kept him off the Wii for an hour. After I finished cleaning up the Orbeez out of the bath tub I walked in the TV room to find him like this. That is a serious problem!
Part of the problem, is it's just so nice to have him out of the way so I can get stuff done, but then he also wants help every 5 minutes...  I spent a ton of money getting him a marble set for Christmas, thinking it would occupy his time, but unless I'm right there with him, he won't play it. I need to spend more time playing with him, which I do a lot. But as soon as I step away and have to get housework done, or cook dinner, all he wants is the Wii. It makes me feel like a terrible mother!  Brighton was so good about entertaining herself all day!  Any suggestions of what other boys like to do that don't involve screens would be highly appreciated!