Friday, February 25, 2011

LOVE listening to Bright

We all know that Brighton cracks me up.... but I LOVE the way she plays. I think I heard my sister ask (while watching Toy Story 3) if any kids actually play with their toys like that. Brighton absolutely does. This is probably a result of a lazy/busy mom who spends way too much time at her computer.... but it results in hilarity.
So right now at this very minute I'm listening to Bright
In a low pirate voice. "ARG" don't even think about it.
In a high voice: "Oh somebody please help me... please help me"
"No! No one help her! Peter Pan don't help her! Peter Pan is here... something about stupid... You should be tied up by now"
"Oh no no no! I don't want to be tied up.. nonon o don't do it!"
(wierd toot sound)
"no nono dont' ever!"
"Ha! that's better"
High Voice: "No it isn't! You should help me first. Peter Pans here and Tinker Bell!"
"Mommy pause the game" (She had me tie a bandana around a baby doll's mouth who is Wendy)
"Now she's making a muffled talking noise"
"Put her on the boat!"
She is now dressed up like a pirate and has fashioned a pirate ship out of a clothes bin and a stool.
So this isn't a particularly funny dialogue but it just happens to be what she's playing right this very minute. But I always over-hear her playing in her playroom with Barbies or her princess dolls or her doll house. And she's constantly talking. Usually it's even funnier but it just is so cute. I'll take some pics with my phone:

Oh now she changed from the pirate to TinkerBell and saved Wendy:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Disney Vacation

Ok Brighton is at preschool and poor sicky Deac is sleeping at 10:00 a.m. So while I actually have some work I need to do, I'm going to take a few minutes to blog. So my parents are the most generous people in the world. Really, they are. I can't really even talk about everything they've done for us but their generosity amazes me and I only hope that someday I'll have the means and the selflessness to help my kids if they need it. OR- to take my entire family on an all expenses paid trip to Disneyland and a 7 night Disney cruise!
Highlights of Disneyland:
  • Seeing my entire family together at the same place!
  • Riding the storybook rides with Brighton
  • Going to Toon Town an hour before it opening and having the place virtually to ourselves
  • Brighton meeting Tiana (her favorite princess) Ariel and Jasmine in the princess castle and then hearing a Snow White story followed by dancing with the princesses.
  • Eating a corn dog!
  • Not being pregnant so I could ride the thrill rides like space mountain, Screamin' over California and Tower of Terror.
  • Watching Brighton LOVE the scary roller coasters like Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain. She takes after mommy and daddy.
  • Watching Aaron's face on Soarin' over California.

Highlights of the Disney cruise:

  • Sitting on the back of the boat eating dessert right after we got on the ship and basking in the sun. Brighton was sitting on the ground eating ice cream and the grown ups were all sitting around and I just had a feeling of complete and utter BLISS!
  • All the amazing dinners/desserts we had. I tried lobster, swordfish, escargot... didn't really like any of them. But I tried them! My favorite was the vanilla bean creme brule. Holy yumminess.
  • Again- meeting the princesses. Seeing Brighton get so shy and excited was so fun. All the other characters were fun too. Brighton had all her princess dresses that she wore to dinner each night.
  • Trying to punk Tami and having it backfire in my face! Tami and Marthea- you better watch it!
  • All of our port adventures including the Pirates of Penzance, Gordo Lele's, Lover's beach, the Dolphin show and shopping in Mexico.
  • The departure party, the pirate party, the midnight dessert buffets.
  • The shows! Oh goodness gracious, the shows. I LOVED the Toy Story show even though I think the Disney Dreams one was supposed to be the best one. The Golden Mickeys was awesome... all of them were SO good! The beat-boxing juggler- awesome.
  • Having some adult time while Brighton was in the Oceaneer Lab. (don't have a dirty mind!)
  • Just being with my family!
  • Singing "Time of our lives" karaoke to my parents.
  • Karaoke- "If I had a million dollars" with Heather.

Did I mention everything? It was just so incredible and almost surreal. I missed Deacon like crazy but not so much that it ruined anything. Only when I saw other babies did I think about him. However- it was heartbreaking when I went to pick him up, expecting a warm welcome and he did NOT want to leave grandpa's arms. It took a couple days for him to love me again. We took about 1200 pictures- for realsies. Posting pictures takes forever on this blog, but if you want to see them, visit Here are the few I have on my laptop

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sigh.... best. week. ever

Just returned from the most magical trip ever... I don't even have time to officially blog about it yet and I realize I haven't blogged even Christmas or anything but just have to capture the magic in my heart before it fades. As a mother- there's nothing better than seeing your 4-year-old daughter in complete and utter Girl-Heaven as she met all of her favorite princesses. Or playing in the sand on a Mexican beach... or dancing with Mickey Mouse in the Walt Disney Theatre. Two days at Disneyland could have been enough magic to last a year, but we had an additional week on board the Disney Wonder cruise ship. Magical pictures to follow.... thanks Mom and Dad for an amazing trip of a lifetime!
Love, Brooke