Thursday, May 29, 2014

Deacon at Four

 The day Deacon turned four, April 3rd, 2014 was actually the day we moved into our new house! So we didn't tell him it was his birthday. :) We waited a couple days and told him Saturday was his birthday and even though we were still moving in, my mom and dad were here so we took him to Red Robin for dinner and had a little party. Then the next weekend, we had his "friend party" which was pirate themed. And what do you do when you have 50-million moving boxes and Aaron for a dad? You make a ginormous pirate fort and a pirate ship out of boxes. It was pretty epic if I do say so myself.

For his birthday presents he really didn't need anything, so I got him a soccer ball and "made" him a sandbox in a long tupperware bin. I saw the brilliant idea on pinterest to make "moon sand" with sand, cornstarch and water. I spent like $50 on sand and cornstarch and mixed it all up in this huge container. It was super cool...until the next day when the moisture was gone and it was powdery sand that got EVERYWHERE and the kids couldn't leave it in the box and threw it at each other and tracked cornstarch through the brand spankin' new house. That was super smart. 
So here's Deacon at 4:
Super lovey. He will just snuggle with me and give me hugs and kisses unlike any of my other kids.
Super smart. He really started sounding words out before his 3rd birthday but is getting pretty good at reading short words now. 
Super funny. He likes to crack people up and will walk into the middle of a group of women and just say something really grown-up sounding just to make people laugh. He always does this crooked kind of smile and wink.
Super talkative! When we're in the car it's NEVER quiet. He always wants to play either 20 questions or some game he's making up on the spot. Usually Mario Brothers where we have to chose characters and then he basically tells me what to say. It goes something like this. 

D:" Who are you going to be?"
 Me: "Princess peach." 
D: "No you have to be toad. What color do you want to be?"
 Me: "Red". 
D: "No you're purple toad and you're in love with me.  Whoa, look at that cloud. (Now you're like 'let's go jump in it!')  
Me: "Let's go jump in it."
This can go on for an hour.  To be totally honest, I'm usually totally thinking about something else or listening to the radio and just mindlessly repeating what he's telling me to say. Sometimes it makes me lose my mind just a little. I should add it's constantly interrupted by Piper yelling "Piper's turn! I spy something black!" Then I have to alternate between guessing things for Piper and being purple Toad (and listening to Glenn Beck.) I'm digressing. Oh another car game Deacon likes is assigning numbers to inanimate objects and making me guess math equations. That one goes as follows:
D: "What's flower plus magnet?"
Me: "Uh, what is flower and magnet?"
D: "Flower is 5 and magnet is 37."
Me: "Uh, 43, wait, 42.... do an easier one."
D: "OK what's car plus polar bear?"
Piper "I something black!"
Me: "Is it the car? What's car and polar bear?...."
Again, this one can go on for a long time and also makes me slightly mental. Again I'm digressing. Basically Deacon is just a super sweet, smart, funny kid who I want to squeeze at every moment! (except when he poops on the trampoline which is a post to follow.)