Monday, August 23, 2010

Two week trip!

The kids and I took a nice long trip at the beginning of this month. Aaron was going to be gone for high adventure, so we took off for Idaho Falls. We spent a couple days there and then went to Wyoming to see Tami. Autym was auctioning off her 4-H lamb, which I still believe was a goat, but apparently I'm wrong. I've probably looked at lambs thinking they were goats all my life. This thing did not look like Mary's little lamb. Anyway, so we spent some time at their fair. The most exciting thing in Brighton's life happened. Well, the story starts last year at the Idaho Falls fair when Brighton wanted to go on the "Dragon ride." It's like a dragon rollercoaster. But alas, the carnie-lady measured her and she was a couple inches too short. Well, Brighton is like an elephant and never forgets! ALL year whenever anything about her being too big or too small comes up she mentions the dragon ride and how she is so sad that she was too small for the dragon ride. I must have heard about the dragon ride once a week for an entire YEAR! I swear I'm not kidding. Once in a while in a sleepy-stupor she'd even start crying about the dragon ride for no reason. It was THAT dramatic! So we see the dragon ride at the Wyoming fair and what do you know- Bright was big enough to ride! She was so excited!!! Happy Day. We took her on a few other rides. The big one that I went on with her she was so scared the whole time. We got done and she said "That was so scary.. but in a good way." Then her and her cousin Norrah sweet-talked their way onto another ride for free. We look over and all the sudden they're just riding!
After Wyoming we went back to IF again.. went boating.. saw Eclipse (again) and then went to the Ballard and Lois Hale reunion in Island Park where it was 60 degrees in August! So we stayed indoors and played Minute to Win It games. And too bad Tami has my pictures of when we went to Beauty and the Beast at the Playmill Theatre (where Tami used to perform) because Brighton was the most star-struck little girl ever when she got to meet Belle. It was the cutest thing EVER!

Here are the trip pics!

The fair had this "Kids Zone" with free things for kids, and Brighton kept saying, I want to go to the "Kids Song!"

Tall enough for the Dragon Ride!!

The scary ride!

This is the one they snuck onto!

My dad was going to fast and Brighton still kept putting her thumb up to say "faster!"

Dad unrolling a whole roll of TP

Norrah putting penne pasta on spaghetti

Aunt Julene playing don't blow the joker

Jennifer doing Candalier