Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Minnie's Water Park

Piper and I play this game where she is Minnie Mouse and I'm Daisy Duck. We use super high pitched voices and my Daisy Duck is spot on.... not at all. But I do sound like an annoyingly sweet cartoon character. I should preface this story by saying Piper has become my magnet lately. Wherever I go, she goes. Doing my makeup, going potty, getting dressed, there is my little pint-sized shadow. So I'm doing my hair in the bathroom playing Minnie Mouse which is a talking only game. So we say "What do you want to do today?" and we talk about doing something like packing a picnic and going to the park. So I say I want to go to the waterpark and she disappears!  She comes back 3 minutes later dressed in her swimsuit and says, "Let's go to the water park!" When I told her it was just in the Minnie Mouse game this happened:

Aww, break your heart, right?
What's a mom to do except fill up the bathtub! Crisis Averted: