Monday, November 12, 2012

Week from HELL!

Not even week from heck or week from H. E. - double hockey sticks. Week from hell... well mom-hell. No one lost a limb or anything so don't compare me to people with "real trials" but last week just would not end!
Monday- I'm scrapbooking with a friend- Deacon is asleep and Bright is home from school because there's a crazed gunman a block away from her school. Bright runs in saying "Deacon just threw up!" She's super dramatic so I expected a teeny-bit but it was ALL OVER himself and the bed. So gross... So the rest of the day goes without saying laundry, baths, - trying to get a 2-year-old to puke in a bowl instead of wherever he sees fit.
Tuesday- Deacon's doing better and it's the last nice day of the year so I am raking leaves and attempting to fertilize my lawn. Under all the leaves is a plethora of dog/cat poop. Both, I think. I'm trying to avoid it but I keep smelling it and I don't know where it is! Then I hear Deacon yelling and he's stuck in the back of the mini van where Piper was sleeping. I go to get him out and he is covered in the worst-smelling dog poop EVER and has tracked it ALL through the mini-van. It is ground in to all the carpet and seats. I had to let it sit there for like 4 or 5 hours due to naps, school drop off and gymnastics and by the time I got it cleaned out I was in tears- for some reason that poop just totally overwhelmed me. EW.
Wednesday- Keep smelling dog poop! Is it phantom poop? Is it stuck in the fibers of my nose from smelling it so much the day before? Is it on ME somewhere? Finally I find a bunch in the trunk that I had somehow missed before because it was also all over the stroller. Back to the carwash.
Thursday- While watching my friend Lisa's little boy (same friend who was there for Monday's puke incident) Deacon jumped up on a couch and smacked his eyebrow bone right on the sharp corner of a window sill. At first glance I knew it needed stitches. It was wide open, gushing blood, and I'd seen the same thing a year and a half ago on his other eyebrow. I had to load FOUR kids up and take them all to the Dr. Lisa got there part-way through and helped out with Piper and the other kids, so that made it easier but I seriously could not watch as they had to hold him down to put those stitches in.
Friday- Return of the vomit. It started up again in the middle of the night (why does that happen so often?) Something about stripping beds, cleaning kids up and starting laundry at 3:00 a.m. makes me weepy. 
Saturday- Piper comes down with a cold. Deacon seems to be doing ok.... but still hasn't eaten all week. I can get him to drink, so I'm not super worried but his face looks thin. :(
Sunday- Another mid-night puke fest. By this time I'm in total bad mom mode and I'm actually YELLING at my 2-year-old for being sick.  I might add- since he's been taking 3 hour naps and going to bed at 7 p.m... he wakes up at 4 or 5 a.m. every morning and wanders the house, while coming in and out of our bed and demanding milk (which we have to refuse because he keeps puking it up.) He always goes and turns on the TV, which I've learned is Yoga at 5:00 a.m. on PBS. I should have stopped and participated in a little downward doggie or something to calm my nerves.  I spent an hour cleaning up throw up from my carpet and then in the morning discovered puke in his bedroom and the TV room. I think he was so used to it by now it's just no big deal but I was MAD that he wouldn't even try to hit a bowl!  That was my low point.
Now it's Monday morning- we're getting his stitches out in a few hours and I just pray this flu is gone. He ate a whole bowl of cereal this morning, which is more than he's eaten in a week, so that's a good sign. OH- and one more thing to add- Aaron is in his busy season right now which means working Monday-Saturday 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. or later so I've been alone through all of this. Again, I know I'm not a military wife, a divorcee or a widow, aka people with "real trials" but it was still a poopy week, k?