Monday, November 18, 2013

Facebook fast

Lately I find myself in a love/hate relationship....with Facebook. A) I check it way too often. B) I find a lot of it really annoying. I think my mature age is making me want to put up with less bullpoop but I still find myself too nosy about said annoying people's lives to block them. (See A) C) I'm catching myself thinking in Facebook status language, don't pretend it doesn't exist cause it totally does. I don't want to be the friend who over shares, seeks validation, only posts about her kids, fishes for compliments or whines. Therefore in an effort to break my habit I started writing down facebook posts to blog instead of posting them. Maybe I'll start a "weekly facebook posts that never were" roundup.
Week 1:
-Bright just called her wrist her "arm ankle".
-Deacon just asked the question every parent dreads... "why doesnt xylophone start with a z?"
-Piper keeps begging me to peel her an orange then pulls it apart and says "ewwwww." No more orange for you!
- I guess asking a 6-year-old if the show they are watching is appropriate is like asking a hitchhiker if he's a serial killer before picking him up.
-when you walk in the room and your husband is asleep do you ever hover over him making weird faces hoping he will open his eyes?
-When Deac gets tired he starts touching his lips with his fingertips really softly.  Its so cute.., I dont want to ever forget those little things.
-Trying to teach Piper how to slurp spaghetti resulted in her blowing noodles all over the kitchen.
-I just told Bright she was the peanut butter to my jelly. She said "im the pb cause I'm all energy like protein and you're jiggly and tired like jelly".... hmmmm
-Deacon was making yummy noises and enjoying his lunch when he says "mmmm...this is good mom...couldn't have done it without ya".
-I just got kicked full force right in the eye by a 6 year old trying to put on a really hard shoe..owwww!!!!
-So were walking out of best buy Saturday and it's raining so I get the kids out of the shopping cart and said let's just run. SO Bright takes off running but slips and falls, on the way down reaches out and grabs deacons leg and takes him down too...face first, flat, right into a huuuge puddle of water! ! He was soaked and it was all I could do not to laugh.
Plus: owie!! Pip ran right into an open door!

And lastly, Pip just spilled juice on me....on the most awkward place ever. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Piper talks to herself

I woke up really late this morning... the older two kids woke up and went in the playroom and shut the door and Piper slept in so it was super quiet! After the rush to get the kids to school I usually head straight to the gym but I decided to skip it this morning since I have a workout planned for tonight. So it was one of those do-nothing, quiet mornings which are so nice sometimes! I love when you're doing something and you notice your kid just contently playing by themselves, or in this case talking to herself rolling on the ground. I decided to capture a minute of it, also cause I wanted to learn how to edit and post videos with my tablet. ;)
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Mom fail.

I was an epic fail this week when it came to being a mom! Especially when it comes to Brighton.
Monday: in September, when it was rainy, I told her I would pick her up in the front of the school with all the other kids if it was rainy, so she could wait under the school awning instead of the back of the school where I pick her up on the street. Well she forgot and I briefly looked at the back of the school but then hurried to the front of the school to pick her up. After waiting in the 10 minute car line I got to the front only to be told she was not there. I hurried through the after-school traffic to the back of the school and found her on the corner, standing in the rain with her vest over her head, crying. I wanted to die I felt so bad.
Tuesday: The kids at school were supposed to wear university or college shirts in support of Red Ribbon Week. Well, I forgot and sent her to school in her own school colors.
Wednesday: Brighton's class had prepared a 20 minute play that they were performing two times during the day, so parents could come. I got the information about the play in the same email as all the other info about Red Ribbon Week. Needless to say, I forgot. Again. At the end of the day she said "Where were you? I kept waiting and looking for you to come." Talk about knife through the heart. Also Wednesday, the day before Halloween, we were supposed to carve pumpkins. But with Aaron working 90+ hours a week, I just didn't have the energy for that. So I skipped it, thinking Brighton wouldn't notice. But yesterday after Halloween was all over she was mad that we never carved pumpkins. What kind of parents don't even carved pumpkins with the kids? Us, I guess.

However, we did take our kids trick or treating until they couldn't take anymore. And we had a good time. Piper loved walking up to the door holding out her bag and watching the candy fall in. I will post Halloween pictures next. I also volunteered at Brighton school party, which I always love. I love seeing her in her classroom and the look on her face when she sees me show up. It's my favorite. Plus, a little girl told me I looked like Barbie, and that's pretty much the best compliment you can get from a 6 year old girl. ;)

Maybe I should wait to publish this post until Sunday, because I still have two and a half more days to mess up. Haha. Or maybe if I publish it now all my screw ups will be over. I'll go with that one.