Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I guess I had a baby... Deacon Jett

I think I'm still in denial about having a baby. I know that sounds REALLY weird but it's true. I haven't blogged about it because it's still weird to me and I'm still a little out of whack emotionally. NOT that I'm not thrilled because I couldn't love him more and I now understand what people mean when they say they were instantly in love with their babies. (With Brighton I was too traumtized and exhausted to even care for about 2 days) With Deacon, I instantly loved him.

So here's the story of the birth: (It's long)
It was April 3rd, the day before Easter. My sister Tami and her family were in town on their way back from Spring Break in Oregon and my mom was here because she "felt like she should come a few days early" (Inspiration!) So we were in the middle of re-modeling my kitchen and we went to the tile store to pick out tile and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was having mild contractions and I just couldn't deal with picking out tile. It never would have happened without everyone's help. So then the girls all went to lunch at Smashburger and then shopping. We were walking around Target and I was having some pretty strong contractions. I was feeling pretty yucky so I told my mom and Tami I just needed to go home and lay down. (Now I have to tell this part just to tease my mom.) So after that, my mom wanted to go to one more Target to pick up something for Lynzi's wedding. So I'm driving around the Target parking lot timing the contractions and they're coming every 6 minutes and lasting a minute. So we finally go home and Aaron and my brother-in-law Jason had just started putting up the tile backsplash and I was sure I was in labor but was downplaying it just in case. But I really didn't want to wait too long to go to the hospital because I didn't want a repeat of Brighton, so we went. (I started crying before we left because I was almost in a panic.)
So we get to the hospital and the nurse checks me and tells me I'm not in labor and I almost threw a speculum at her head. This was exactly what happened with Brighton and I was freaking out. So we have to walk for an hour and I was SURE I was in labor. Either that or admit me and put me in a medically induced coma. Aaron's all "they're not very strong, so maybe she's not in labor" and at that point I REALLY almost threw a speculum at HIS head! So the nurse checks me again and I AM in labor and she admits me and I put a rush order on the epudural and all is well in labor land.
The epudiral didn't go in very smoothly and I couldn't stop shaking until I gave birth but it was so much better than last time. Right after I got the epirual I was dialated to a six and my water broke. Aaron went to get something to eat and to pick up Tami and a few minutes later I felt like I was fully dialated and ready to push but the nurse didn't check me until like an hour later and at that point I was at a 10 (plus 2- she said on the phone to my Dr. whatever that means) and ready to push. BUT neither Aaron nor the doctor was there! So they had me wait for them to get there and then I pushed through one contraction full force. Then on the next two contractions I just pushed halfway and let my body do the work and out he came! It was so easy I couldn't believe how great I felt!
We hung out in the hospital for two days and ate SO much chocolate cake and just relaxed as much as you can in a hospital. I noticed the baby didn't eat very often but just thought maybe he was getting so much during the feedings it was lasting a long time. He went six hours one day and I thought it was a good thing. (shows how dumb I am) The second day we were there he didn't pee at all but the nurse said it could have been because he was circumsised that day. He had jaundice and before we left she checked it again and it had gone up so she called my pediatrician, Dr. Ally and she said to come in the next day just to make sure it was ok. So we went in and after we weighted him and checked his bili ruben she said "I am SO glad you came in today. You need to get to the hospital right NOW." She said if we had waited until the day we were supposed to take him in he would have been needing a blood transfusion. She said she'd never seen bili ruben go that high that fast or a baby lose so much weight so fast. I was SO freaked out but just went into business mode and got him to the hospital. They had to put an IV in him to hydrate him because he STILL hadn't peed in 2 days when we took him to the hospital and was severely dehydrated. They put him in the little light box with this mask to protect his eyes and we could only take him out to feed him every 3 hours. I was so worried that he'd be in there crying and we wouldn't be able to hold him but he didn't move or make a sound for TWO DAYS. It was good that he was content and slept for 2 days straight but it really freaked me out. I even had to wake him up to eat. After the second day we took him home and treated him with a bili blanket. He's now a month old and still has jaundice but I haven't taken him in to check his levels again. He has gained a lot of weight and eats really well now though. He's actually getting a little chunky!
When he was born he was 7'15. He got down to 7'1 in the hospital and at his 2 week appointment was up to 8'8! Holy cow! He's probably almost 10 pounds now, seriously. Well that's enough for now, I'll post pictures soon!