Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's been 3 months since I had Piper! In some ways it feels like last week, but in most ways it feels like 6 months. My Dr. (who I love and have secret fantasies about) calls this delivery a 400 level delivery...meaning it took all his medical training to get this baby out the "natural" way. First she was breech. The Dr. was able to turn her manually and get her head down, but her head wouldn't really "lodge" where it needed to go to be locked and loaded for take off. So then the nurse checked me and she had a "hand presentation" she was trying to come out hand first, which apparently is really dangerous for the baby. If you labor like that the contractions will cut off the circulation to the hand and it will be crippled. So usually they do a C-section but my awesome Dr. was able to get it moved. It was scary though cause if a hand could get through, so could a cord, so they had to monitor it very closely. They had me on pitocin and my contractions just weren't making things happen and the baby was having "decels" which means her heart rate would drop every time I would contract. They tried me in so many different positions and finally decided the baby couldn't take it anymore and turned off the pitocin. Well as soon as they did that my body took over and I went from a 6 to a 10 in minutes and could feel every bit of it! I told the nurse I felt really strong contractions and thought I was ready to go and thankfully she believed me and the Dr. was there anyway because he was going to put a heartrate monitor directly on the baby's head but I was right and I was ready to deliver! One more glitch- she was posterior, but my Dr. rocks and she flipped nicely and she came out! She was REALLY pretty when she came out. I mean, newborns are typically so freaky looking and I remember being slightly horrified at Brighton but Piper was super pink and looked really good. Maybe cause her head wasn't crammed down in my hoo-hoo so long because of the breach thing. Who knows. Anyway, getting induced was the bomb and I highly recommend it over going into labor on your own. ;)
The Dr. calls Piper my drama baby and she's still acting the part. She made me SO sick during pregnancy and she's still my hardest baby. She's now on 2 different reflux medications and that is helping a lot, but she doesn't want to sleep unless she's being held or is on her tummy, which is a no-no. But she is super smiley! At 3 months her personality is starting to come out and it's getting really fun. Brighton ADORES her and always says "You're too sweet to cry!" and Deacon..... likes to poke her eyes. We try not to leave them in a room alone together! haha.

Having 3 kids is nuts! WAY harder than 2 right now, but I'm still wanting a 4th. I hear going from 3 to 4 isn't that bad. ha ha. But knowing she is most likely my last really makes me take the time to enjoy her. She likes to be held all evening, which is fine by me. I can let things slide while I sit on the couch and hold her all night. She likes to lay on my chest at night which I'm also coming to love because I know it won't last very long. I'm just really trying to savor every bit of having a newborn for the last time. It makes me weepy when I think of all these "firsts" as "lasts" but I'm just trying to remember and enjoy it all!