Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prediction for the next 9 months

One of the best things about pregnancy is that it's like a "get me out of everything" or "get me into anything" card. It rocked with Bright. Once like a week before I gave birth I got pulled over for speeding. The officer walks up and I had left my license in Aaron's car for some reason and didn't have proof of insurance or registration or anything. The cop walks back to his car to call in my plates and I got my DL# from Aaron. So I get out of my car and waddle on the icy road back to the cop wearing my HUGE Deseret Industries coat to read it to him. He gives me this pathetic laugh and tells me that I'm off the hook. He said he knew he could find me later if there was a problem. (As if my huge body were detectable by police radar or something.) It was sweet.

HOWEVER- I don't see this pregnancy being quite the same, at least not at home. Here are predictions of words sure to be uttered by me and the response sure to be garnered by Aaron.

Me: "I'm going to barf."
Aaron: "Don't complain, at least you're pregnant!"

Me: "I'm SO tired!"
Aaron: "Yeah, but be happy that you're pregnant!"

Me: "Holy cow, my ankles are the size of Maine."
Aaron: "But wouldn't you rather have fat ankles than not be pregnant!"

You get the picture. True, it's hard to feel bad about the fact that at 5 weeks I already look 12 weeks pregnant, when I'm just so GLAD I actually am pregnant! I am just disappointed that I'm not going to get as much sympathy from Aaron simply due to the fact that my gratitude should outweigh any negative side effects of pregnancy. And there are many!

Also, I am not a cute pregnant person. My face gets all puffy, I get acne, cankles, not to mention that the progress of my pregnancy can be measured by the size of my nose. Can I say how grateful I am that I'm not on TV anymore! That was NOT attractive. Ratings were probably high that period because I was the side-show freak that people liked to see. "Hey Vern, let's see how big this anchor's nose is this week!" Like those squishy rubber bugs you put in jars of water and they grow 1000%. But maybe this time I can actually answer "yes" when people in public say "You MUST be having twins." or "You must be due ANY day." (No, I'm 7 months along.)
But hey, at least I'm pregnant!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

They attached! (Well at least one of them.)

Most people already know that we found out Saturday that we are pregnant!!! I think I am still in shock. I'm like "technically" pregnant but it doesn't feel real until I'm barfing! We were walking through the Boise farmer's market and I gave my phone to Aaron because I wanted him to answer it because I was too scared. The nurse told him to put her on speaker and then said our numbers were great and that we are pregnant! My first "beta" count, which is my HCG levels was 15 on day 8. She said they look for it to double every two days and on day 10 it was at 80! Then two days later (yesterday) I was at 565, so I am definitely pregnant! yee-haw!