Friday, May 8, 2015

"My Mom" Surveys

I love those surveys where kids answer questions about their moms but why do I always come off looking bad? It's never a glowing portrayal of a put-together mom who keeps a perfect house and makes gourmet meals.
When Brighton was in Kindergarten the question was "My mom is good at...." and Brighton wrote "eating."  YESSSSSSS.

Here is the one Deacon brought home today:

Why is "watching TV" such a shameful answer. We all do it, but we all want to pretend we don't. The truth is though, I rarely watch TV during the day but ALWAYS watch TV when the kids are in bed, so it's funny that he answered that. Past answers have usually included shopping or cleaning (which I also don't do THAT much.)

Something I like to do with my mom is play Paper Mario. This is truth. We've been slightly addicted to this game lately and I do me WE. Sometimes he'll be like "Wait, how did we get this far in the game, I don't remember passing this level."  .... "Mommy MAY have spent last Friday night until Midnight playing Paper Mario alone." Shameful.

Also my favorite food is pop. This makes me laugh cause I gave up my diet Dr. Pepper addiction like 9 months ago. But I guess the multiple time a day trips to the drive-through only for diet DP are permanently seared into his brain. In fact, when he wants something badly he says "Pretty please with diet Dr. Pepper on top?"

I do love the picture of me he drew. Mostly cause I look super skinny. Except my neck. Kids are so observant. And I can only dream about having feet that "sproingy."

 Inside the red paper was a flower pot he painted for me filled with seeds and dirt. He's been telling me about this pot for at least two weeks and every time I pretend I forgot. He was SO excited to give it to me. I wanted to take a picture but in an effort to get a picture WITHOUT Piper in it (which is super tricky. See exhibit A:

We dropped it and it cracked and went all over the floor. Sad day.