Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Salt Lake Aquarium

We had a day in Salt Lake after Grandma Child's funeral, so we decided to take Brighton to the aquarium in Utah. We went to the big Aquarium of the Pacific in California last year, so this didn't quite meet my expectations, lol. But there were some way cool things. I thought we had more cool pictures of the sting rays and jellyfish and octopus but I don't see them! I hope I didn't delete them accidentally!

Kissing the frog, hoping it would turn into a prince!

On another note, why do they call them the "terrible two's?" I think they should be the "tricky twos" and the "TOTALLY terrible threes!" geesh! I don't know if it's that I'm pregnant and emotional and/or lazy/tired but Brighton is trying my patience every single day! I know she is pressing the limits and my lazy parenting is not helping because it's hard not to just walk away when she's screaming at me instead of disciplining her, but she has days where I just want to put her in her room and forget about it! The afore mentioned lazy parenting is also not helpful in the fact that she has 100% regressed in potty training. She was fully trained in about July and didn't have an accident ever. Well now she has accidents all. the. time! Like multiple times a day. Thankfully it's just pee but I am at my wits end about it! We just got the sleeping through the night back under control and now we have this. Anyway, I'm just venting but I sure hope things get better after the baby is born and my brain isn't so mushy. Or will my brain just get mushier? I've tried to help Aaron with homework lately and I'll read a paragraph and it just does not sink in! I'm so glad I'm not in school! Anyway, I should probably read some parenting books or something, lol.

PS. Do you feel as cool as I do when you get done typing something and you spell check and there are no errors? (except the words that I maybe made up?) I rock.

Friday, February 19, 2010

String cheese babies

So I had a dream last night that I had my baby, except it was triplets. I remember it totally didn't hurt and I was walking around the mall/hospital (it was the same place) showing off my new babies. Only they weren't babies.... they were three pieces of unwrapped string cheese! And I had already eaten half of one of them!

This dream however is not freaking me out like the food-baby related dream I had while pregnant with Bright. I dreamt that she came out a baby but then I forgot about her and kept her in the closet in a duffel bag... really freaky... and then when I finally remembered her she had turned into a frozen loaf of french bread dough. It was so traumatizing and I had to poke holes in the dough to make eyes and a mouth to try to feed her. It was SERIOUSLY creepy. The string cheese one isn't haunting me like that one did. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful Brows

So I get my fashion advice from Sesame Street characters- namely Bert and Oscar the Grouch. That's cool, right? I mean my mom gets 100% of her fashion and beauty advice from Oil of Olay Commercials so what's the difference? I look hot! From, Brighton

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free stuff on Craigslist- too funny!

I LOVE Craigslist. Aaron and I love getting a good deal, as most people know, but the free section of Craigslist can provide hours of entertainment.
Ok how about this one.
Free teacup and saucer. No, not a 6 piece teacup and saucer set. Just one teacup and saucer. Yes, hello Margaret, I'm here to pickup your free teacup and saucer, thank you!

Ones coming from BSU campus also crack me up like a free old frying pan one student is offering to the free blue towell another one just can't bear to throw away. This kid got a new towell, so he doesn't need his old one, but it was washed once a week so it's still in great condition. Hm, how about keeping a backup towell for guests? Just a thought.

OK what the?

These items apparently came out of a grab bag from a garage sale. I know we're an environmentally concious people but really, throw them away! I'm not going to drive to Parma to pick up a button with the date of President Bush's last day in office, or a squid fishing hook! (OK maybe the squid thing is kinda cool.)

There are a lot of broken electronics, dirt, boxes, bubble wrap, etc. There's also the people offering a free massage. That sounds safe! There are occasionally some good things on there, but the weird things keep me laughing!

Here is a "connection" for a sony walkman.

Ok I searched some other cities to see if they had funny things and I think Boise wins the prize for the most random things in the free section. It just makes me laugh to think about someone going through the trouble to go to someone's house to pick up a 3-ring binder. LOL.

One more... I don't even have words for this thing. Apparently a ham hat?