Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Bright!

I know people say it all the time, but it's crazy how fast kids grow up. I can't believe she's 5!!! She's a KID!
Here are some things about Bright as a 4 year old:
Favorite Color: Light turquoise and Bright pink
Favorite Foods: quesadillas, peanut butter sandwiches, blueberries. She'll say candy, but she's really not that much of a sweet tooth. She's like her daddy where she can have 1 piece and be satisfied. Not like her mamma!
Favorite Movies: Toy Story, Despicable Me, Megamind, Tangled, The Grinch
Favorite Thing to Play: Barbies, her swing in the playroom, games with mommy
Things about her: She entertains herself so well! She doesn't watch a ton of TV and instead just makes up games and scenarios and just plays all the time. She's starting to try to rope Deacon into her pretend world now.
- She goes from calm to MAD in 1 second flat. She has got a major temper and does not put up with crap from anyone!... This is bad because she needs to learn how to take instruction from adults and she has a really hard time being told what to do by anyone.
- She's really creative and really unique! She can be in her own little world a lot... kinda spacey like me!
- From everything I've read, she's a lot more like a 2nd child than a 1st child.
- She hates wearing jeans! She prefers sweats or leggings and skirts. And when I force her to wear jeans she'll insist on wearing a skirt over the jeans! She usually dresses herself, which at this point I just allow and sometimes she comes up with these great outfits and sometimes it's a disaster! It's like my own private Project Runway.
I didn't want to do a big party for her this year because she's had some major discipline problems, so I let her bring one friend to Chuck E. Cheese, her friend Westley from across the street, who I don't think we got any pictures of! LOL
After the party she was being a big ungrateful and entitled, so we took 2 of her presents that she opened at Chuck E. Cheese to the women and children's shelter. I was hoping she could meet a child there to give it to, but they were all gone, so we just left it there and got a short tour of the shelter. I hope it sunk in a little bit...
Then, I wanted to make her a cake for the first time EVER, but it seemed like such a waste to have a whole cake to ourselves, so I invited some neighbors and friends over to share the cake. It was overall a really great day!

Heavy Heavy Hangover thy poor lome.

Christmas In Pictures

For Christmas this year we went to my parent's cabin in Island Park. It was rough cause we all wanted to go to utah but there was no where we could all stay together in Utah, so Tami, Heather and I and our families went to I.P. Once we got there, it was awesome. However, in Rexburg, grocery shopping, I lost my will to live temporarily and only regained it once things were unpacked in the cabin. We did learn that without our mom, even three adult women are helpless! Christmas Eve fondue didn't quite happen because Heather forgot her pot and I forgot a piece to my electrical cord.... and it just didn't go quite as smoothly as it goes when mom is there, even though she did provide everything to make it happen. Here are the pics:
Norrah and Bright in their christmas Eve PJ's from Nana. They weren't quite BFF's this trip though. It was strange, they just kind of stayed away from eachother, which was fine because I didn't have to deal with the DRAMA! Instead she was obsessed with Cannon who she cries about on a weekly basis because she wants to be "married with him."

He's so sweet to be patient with her being all over him all the time.

The Loot from Santa.

Bright got her "makeup" that she

wanted. The only other thing she wanted was a "My way Toothbrush and toothpaste" that you can decorate with stickers. This is what happens when you only have PBS and no cable, you don't see a lot of commercials. So when she saw the My Way toothpaste, she was instantly hooked. That's what she's hugging in the next picture.

Car shoes

Aaron was WAY more into this car track than anyone else! Deacon really loves it too though. I thought he would love the BBall hoop more, but he loves the cars. They run on batteries and last a whole half hour before dying.

Deacon opened Buzz Light Year first from us, and then pretty much was not interested in opening anything else. In fact, Bright didn't open all her presents in the morning either. There were so many people and presents to get through, she's not that patient! They were all open by the end of the day though.

Aaron got all the kids into the Car Track.

A bit of snow!

Swimming at the club house. I love Deacon in this picture. Aaron always gets "crazy eyes" when trying to get kids to smile for pictures. It's like the crazy mouth women get when applying mascara. It just can't be helped.