Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Super Girl!!! (Or Super Grill as Bright would say)

I love these pictures Aaron took of Brighton Sunday morning. Sorry for the
partial nudity... but it was much worse before she put on her tutu. ;)
Look at how graceful her legs are with her toes all pointed perfectly! I think
she's going to be a dancer!

So typical Brighton

I'm sure all toddlers are quirky but Brighton really likes putting things in lines and rows. I think she's going to have some kind of OCD and I'm really hoping it's the kind that makes you a clean freak. (Except then I would drive her nuts.) This is just SUCH a typical thing for her to do, I had to take a picture. She got her pants out of her room and made them into a row in the hall. She has this "treat" box that she gets to choose prizes from when she's a good girl and once she got it down and put all the prizes in a straight line and then put it away. Please don't tell me she's a freak- let's just say it's cute, k? ;)

Also, she's adorable:

Monday, March 22, 2010

All my dreams have now come true

There is beauty all around.... when you put in new floors... there is joy in every sound, when you're walking on a hard floor.
Yay! I just could not handle the icky carpet under my table anymore, so the project of putting hard wood there spilled out into the rest of my house in my high-traffic areas and I'm so happy about it! I think it turned out so great! Now I just need new countertops, new sink, new blinds and a new chandelier and we're set!
Here are before and after. Yes, even I helped! (Well I pulled out staples.)

Look at that nasty carpet!

Aaron trying to be as tough as Sheldon.

All done!!!

Back door


View from front door

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Help me!!! Poop-tastrophy

I know blogs are supposed to be all "look at my cute, fun, easy life" but seriously? There are tons of cute, fun, easy things but right now my life is surrounded by poop!! Literally! There is a reason I've never had a dog, people! As my mom always said and I quote: "If you can find a dog with a cork in it's bottom, we can get a dog." Right now I'm thinking if I had a 3-year-old little girl with a cork in her bottom life might be easier. Right now you're probably thinking not just "What is wrong with Brighton?" but more like "What is wrong with Brooke?" I'm a little bit mental from mopping up pee and poop!
So last week I decided to take her to the doctor to make sure she doesn't have some kind of urinary infection that is limiting her ability to control her bladder. (wishful thinking) While in the waiting room she poops in her panties!! And she's wearing a skirt, so it's seriously EVERYWHERE. I thought I was going to die. I'm bawling in the waiting room trying to get it all taken care of. Turns out she doesn't have an infection. So yesterday my little puppy daughter poops on the way out of Costco.... wonderful!!! So I stick her in the bath when I get home and I'm on the computer and I go check on her and seriously... gross out alert..... don't read any further if you're eating.... the bathtub is full of poop! ALL over the place. So I try to drain it but my drain is kind of clogged and going really slow and it's seriously like the biggest nightmare I think I've had as a mom and she's freaking out because I'm telling her to help me wash it down. Hello, child. you were sitting in it!!! LOL. I know this is the worst thing to blog about but I'm seriously just trying to laugh about it all so I don't go insane. I'm going to have two kids in diapers in a month! SERENITY NOW!
PS. I should mention after hearing about my poop-tastrophy, Aaron came home with a rose and a bag of Hershey's Bliss dark chocolates for me. :)