Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cereal Paradise and other Shenanigans

If these last two months or so have taught me anything about parenting, it's that it's best to laugh- whenever possible! Deacon has been up to many "shenanigans."   I think he's feeling uprooted by the move and feeling a bit left out because there are so many girls in the neighborhood and he's kind of the "odd boy out." So he's acting out both to torment the girls and to get my attention.
The first picture is what Deacon so aptly named "Cereal Paradise" which was when he took a full bag of strawberry mini-wheats and dumped them onto the trampoline. Why?... The better question is "why not?" I suppose. I can't get inside this kid's head.
A lot of the shenanigans happening around our house have involved nudity (which I can't post pictures of!) The younger two kids just won't stay clothed! Usually Piper gets in the water table or the sandbox completely naked.
The "incident" that took me a while to laugh about was "chocolate or poo?"  We gambled and lost during the last episode of that game Aaron and I like to play. I had JUST sat down upstairs to check email when Deacon came upstairs (naked) with a popsicle stick covered in something brown. The question "chocolate or poo" was quickly answered when he shoved it in Aaron's nose and told him to smell it. (Ew. That reminds me of when my brother used to make me "smell his finger." Serious EW.) Anyway, it was brought to me and upon going in the backyard we saw several Deacon patties on our mini trampoline we had at the time. Deacon who is FOUR decided to drop a few out there and then both kids jumped in it and played with it with popsicle sticks. WHY??!!  That was a doozy to clean up and involved both kids getting outdoor hose-showers.   Although it doesn't compare to my friend who told me today that her 3-year-old pooped his pants and put it in the DRYER and turned it on! I hope nothing ever compares to that one. :)
 Yesterday I started popping some corn with my air popper and then went to the bathroom while it was popping. When I was interrupted by Brighton screaming (why am I not allowed to pee uninterrupted?) I ran out and Deacon had taken the lid thing off and the popcorn was FLYING around the kitchen. He was screaming with such utter delight I couldn't help but laugh.
I know there have been about 50 other Deacon shenanigans but I can't think of them right now. ;) He's such a stinker but so sweet at the same time it's hard to stay mad!