Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holy Terrible Two's (Out of the gates with a vengeance!)

Holy Moley, I am entirely unprepared for this.
I know "normal" and "good" moms post happy pictures of their kids birthdays.. opening presents, blowing out the candles, the messy chocolate cake face. But I've never claimed to be "good" or even "normal". Here's what I got for ya:

This was literally on her second birthday. It was so ironic (in the Alanis Morrisette, not really ironic but just annoying way) that she acted like this on her birthday. Full on, stomping, screaming, throwing self on the ground tantrums all day. Pulling out one braid, refusing to put on a shirt... The "normal" mom might explain why she was so grumpy but I'm chalking it up to hitting the age of two.

I swear I felt like the paparazzi trying to get pictures of a scantily-clad Brittney having a crazy night on the town. She was trying to hide from me and even tried to push the camera out of her face, but I managed some shots. I was just laughing, which just made her even more mad.

Speaking of laughing when she's mad: I have real issues with this. Last night she was full-on attacking me. Pulling my hair, trying to hit me and I was seriously mad. I busted out my meanest, angriest voice and looked her straight in the eye and told her to STOP!... I was coming as close to yelling as I even can and she just started laughing! It was like this mouth closed, cheeks puffing up, trying to hold it in laughing. I was so mad, yet when she laughs at me I find it funny and it took all my might to hold in my laughter. (It was even harder not to laugh than it was the other night when she grabbed Aaron's "goods" and wouldn't let go. That's the stuff America's Funniest Home Videos is made of.)

She did have an awesome birthday party though, the week after Christmas while we were at Nana's house. She got the coolest-ever remote control pink dinosaur... a bath blizzard https://www.asseenontv.com/offers_on_demand/kidkl_bth_bliz_ood_ontv.html?gid==
which should be sued for false advertising, but fits in with Lynzi's and I's rule to only give "as seen on TV gifts". Also these possessed care bears that communicate with each other (super rad)... and a lot more. My recent favorite is her "felt farm" with all the animals and the farm. I like to try to mess her up by role playing the cow laying the eggs and the chicken being milked. She's already too smart for me though.