Monday, March 9, 2009

Three Days without a shower

Why not confess totally random and disgusting things on my blog? I see no reason not to share the fact that it's 4:40 PM and I don't recall having brushed my teeth yet today. When did I become the crazy person who stays in their gym clothes all day? YIKES. I'll tell you when I became crazy lady... the minute we moved Brighton into her "big girl bed". Right now I'm really regretting not getting a big sheet of plexi-glass, drilling some holes in the top and caging that little girl in the crib. We could add a food bowl, one of those water dispensers and maybe even a wheel she could run around in for exercise.

Another confession: it's now 4:42 PM and Brighton has had like 3 pieces of toast, two bagels and two glasses of apple juice today.

She did have about a 45 minute nap on her floor behind her door but I had to take advantage of that precious time to get some work done! Work is pretty busy these next few days and I'm also getting ready for my parents to come into town so there's just no time for a shower! Most days I have to decide between working during nap time or showering. It's a good thing I only need to wash my hair once a week. Again, why I feel the need to confess these things is beyond me. :)

4:48 PM confession: I'm on my 3rd can of diet Dr. Pepper today.


Tami Nielsen said...

yeah! My life feels so much happier when you update your blog! Here's my confession. I haven't made dinner for over a week.

Rochelle said...

Love you!!! Keep confessing. I'm there! So funny! What mom isn't?! Its crazy. Great job for still working. Stick with it! I'm not anymore, is my confession, and I am really loving it...Have fun with your parents!