Monday, June 14, 2010

I love you to the moon and back

All my nieces and nephews have always played this game where they compete for how much they love their moms and vice versa. So the kid will say I love you "this much" and the mom will say I love you to the end of the street and back, to grandma's house and back, etc. So I tried playing this with Brighton and we got really far. It usually ends with "to the moon and back" but I decided to throw in "I love you to Heaven and back" and Brighton who was going along with the game just fine says "Well that would just be weird." But she was good with the moon and back. Finally to end it all she said "I love you how much daddy loves me.. and that's really far." She cracks me up.

She says at least 5 super funny things every day and I always forget by the next day! I'm so lame not to write things down so I want to try harder. Somehow she thinks our sliding glass door is the portal to Heavenly Father. She always yells prayers out the window. The other day she yelled "Heavenly Father (which sounds like Henly Fater, please, please, please make it stop raining!" And then it did stop! I told her Heavenly Father answered her prayer but she told me she didn't really believe me. Where's the faith? LOL She often leaves drinks of water and cookies for Heavenly Father by the back door.

I need to write down her funny sayings of the day more often.

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