Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July and other Summer fun!

Summer is going by too quickly! Our next trips this summer were home for the 4th of July and then to Cherry Hill last weekend. 4th of July was as magical as ever. There is just something about being home on that holiday that brings back so many great childhood memories. The parade is basically the same as it was growing up, but the fireworks have gotten so much better! I love watching Brighton exprience things that I experienced as a child. Don't let the sweatshirts fool you- It really was 4th of July. So typical in Idaho Falls. :)

Valley Girls:

Haydn doing an awesome karate kick:

Here are some more misc. summer pics that I took with my camera. Aaron takes all the artsy, cool photos and I just document the every day. So mine aren't fancy-schmancy but it's what I have!

At Eagle Island State Park: (That's Aaron and Brighton making a sand castle in the background)


Brighton got stung by a bee... in the eyelid! (Actually I'm starting to think it was a wasp and it bit her, because it wasn't that bad.)

The ONE picture we got at Cherry Hill.

Her new jeep. This is her friend Anila from across the street.

Riding our bikes to get snow cones.

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