Thursday, March 27, 2014

Losing teeth!

Kids go through such a funny awkward phase when they're losing teeth! Little tiny hillbillies! And then they look even more awkward when those grown up teeth start growing in that teeny mouth. I think it's the first weird-looking phase we go through in life but it's adorable too!
Brighton's first lost tooth was a bit traumatic- it was clear back this summer and it was so loose and I really wanted to pull it out.... that backfired and I had to vow never to do it again.

So now every tooth is super jiggly for at least a week until it finally gives up and falls out on it's own.  Now she's lost four or five and both of her front teeth are missing!

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Claire said...

haha! Her faces in that video were cracking me up! And I can't believe she's 7...what a big kid you have!