Sunday, January 11, 2015

October Utah trip

In October, Brighton had a couple days off school and Aaron was in the throws of his busy season, so I decided to make a trip to Utah to see friends and family.
We seriously packed in the fun!
We spent a good part of one day at the Gardner Village witch festival, which my kids loved. We did this little scavenger hunt to find all the witches (All for a 50 cent sugar cookie.) Then there was this witch playground and Brighton seriously bonded with a witch named Trixie.
This picture made me laugh when I looked at it after we got home because Brighton looks like the witch! They're making the same face and are missing the same teeth!! Brighton had no idea she was mimicking the witch.

All the "little" Hale grandkids.

Pretending to be scared. :)


We also spent some time at the Salt Lake City children's museum. It's right below my brother-in-law's work, so Lynzi has a season pass. My kids loved it there.


I talked everyone into going to Lagoon for Frightmares because I'd never been and I'm a total little kid when it comes to Lagoon. I love it.
  Tami and her girls came from Wyoming and I even met some of my Meridian friends there for part of the time. Also, my cousin Shane, his wife Kathy and their girls met us there because they have season passes. :) At first I had to talk Brighton into doing some of the rides. Then she went off with her older cousins and did all the scariest rides! I was sad I missed it but glad she did it!  For sure the highlight of the trip, even though it was a long day!
These two are SO cute together. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.

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