Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a Boy!

Yeah, sorry that the only picture Aaron scanned is of his "proof" of gender. LOL. Anyway, Weird! We're having a boy! It's still hard to get used to the idea that all my cute girl clothes and things aren't going to get re-used (at least this time around) but it's going to be a fun change! We had the ultrasound yesterday and the second the bottom-area came up on the screen we KNEW it was a boy, LOL. Today the doctor said, "you're obviously having a boy!" I've thought we were going to have a boy next since before we conceived and at 12 weeks the ultrasound nurse said she thought it would be a boy, so it wasn't a big shock.
Brighton did a little pout when we said it was a boy but she's still convinced that "maybe it's a girl." I tried to explain boy and girl anatomy but there's only so much a 2 year old can understand. :) She is also CONVINCED that the baby will be named Jokala. pronounced like Joke a lot but without the T. She came up with this name before we even conceived and she gets full-0n angry when we talk about names. She says "NO! My baby is Jokala!!!" So now we just refer to him as Jokala around her. She might call him that for his entire life.

So serious honesty here... I need to get excited about the idea of having a boy. There's nothing adverse about boys to me, but I just always think about what would be the most fun for the kids and for me, I just wish Brighton could have a sister to play with. BUT- I had tons of fun with my brother Gregg (but we were less than 2 years apart) This baby will be about the same age span as me and my sister Lynzi, so I just kept picturing that. But it's ok... brothers and sisters have a special bond too and I need to remember that. I just think about all the fun girl things I do now with my sisters and I just want that for Brighton. So that's the deal! Aaron is really excited though. Now he'll have a real "boy scout" and won't have to try to petition to take Brighton on father-son campouts. I'm sure Brighty will be a real outdoorsy girl too though. They can all go on their campouts while I go on spa-weekends (in my fantasies). Here are the names currently in consideration: (in order of popularity in our house)

Oakley Aaron
Jett (Aaron or Reuel or Joseph Thomas as middle names... )
Jonah (my fave, so I have to include it even though Aaron doesn't like it.)

Here are my issues: Oakley is also a girl name, which is a little bothersome. Jett sounds like a "wild child". Talmage is just a little weird, but sounds like a serious, successful person. Gavin is good.. Aaron doesn't like Jonah. If I had my way Edward would also be on the list but that's not even up for consideration. :)


D/M C said...

I had to get used to the idea of having a boy too, but after a couple of months after we found out I couldn't imagine it any other way! For the first couple of years they're just babies anyway - not really a boy or a girl (except for the color of their clothes). I vote for Jonah!

Gregg said...

How about Jonas?

Bekki said...

A quick howdy from the Russell's in AZ to tell you how awesome boys are! Boys don't care what they wear, are happy with rocks and a couple of sticks, play hard but are always up for a snuggle with mommy and best of all they are the best exterminators when you get bugs in your house! We are excited for you! Next time you're in Mesa, give us a call!!

Julie Moody said...

Love those boys! You'll have so much fun! Congrats! If I have another boy, we want to use Roarke, but my maiden name is Roehr (pronounced 'roar') so it makes more sense. I like Oakley, then his sunglasses will have his name on them! ;) Again, I love reading your blog! You crack me up!