Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time for another episode of... things I'd never do.

Before I was a mom I SWORE I would never let my kids say a word wrong, and even encourage it, because it was cute. No way, I thought! Teach the kid the right way to say it. I remember my nephew Haydn saying ice cream in a cute way but I can't remember what it was because I was so bothered that his mom didn't correct him! But now... I have to repent. Brighton says skeleton "scare-eton" and it cracks me up! On Halloween she was talking about scaretons and then heard Aaron call them skeletons and corrected herself and I was seriously mad/sad! It IS super cute sometimes when kids say words wrong and I can admit that I was wrong. I do however try to get her to say regular words that she doesn't pronounce right.. like sometimes she doesn't pronounce s's at the front of words like sky and scooter. And she says yellow "rewow" which is weird because she can say Y's... she just refuses to say yellow. And this has been another episode of... things I swore I'd never do!
Oh and here are some pictures of ward trunk or treat and Halloween. Yes, I am wearing a gigantic rabbit fut coat and a poofy slip. We were both totally sweating all night because I bundled us up way too warm!


mom said...

I thought scare-eton was cute too! What about pur-pur? I loved that too!
Don't stress about the yellow thing. I remember when Heather was like 3 or 4 we finally bribed her to learn yellow right. We told her when she could say yellow-stone we would take her there. She always wanted to go to lel-low-stone. VERY cute!!!!!

Gregg said...

I love the obligatory sit with the candy in front of you picture pose.

Rochelle said...

oh my gosh!!! So cute! miss ya!