Monday, January 11, 2010

Brighty's Third Birthday

I can't believe little Bright Bright is 3! How did this happen so quickly? The thing that sticks out in my mind about Bright right now is that she is a VERY grateful child. I decided to count today to see how many times a day she says "thank you" and she was at preschool this morning so from the hours of 1-4 pm she's said "thank you" about 15 times. She says it ALL the time and she is so sweet. We've been really lucky that we don't have many problems with her. Sure, when she doesn't get enough sleep we pay the price because she gets whiny and can throw the occasional tantrum, but she really didn't have bad "terrible two's" I don't think. She's usually just a happy, imaginative girl. She just makes up little games all day and talks to her "friends" all day (stuffed animals, dolls, wooden spoons, whatever)... she loves to color, play play-doh, dress-up and mostly make-believe. We're constantly playing "You be the (blank) and I be the (blank). She's the mommy and I'm the little "grill" or she's the princess and I'm the evil queen or she's Nanny (her preschool teacher) and I'm Brighton, etc. At her birthday party at my parent's house over Christmas break before she opened any present she would ask who it was from. Then she'd get this very excited face and put down the present and run and give them a hug and a kiss and say thank you. She did this before every single present. It was hilarious. At her first ever "friend" party she wanted to make puppets, so I found some easy foam puppets at Walmart. Then we played pin the tail on the donkey and duck duck goose and freeze dance and then decorated and ate cupcakes! It was very fun. I'm so excited to have this next baby but also a little sad that our Brighton and mommy alone time is coming to an end. I think the bond I have with her will always be special because of all this time we've had by ourselves every day just the two of us. (weep, weep, wail, wail, gnash teeth.. ok it's not THAT dramatic.) I love you Budah-bear. (She hates when I call her that.) But she calls me Booger and Brooke, so it's fair game.

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