Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Remembering Decmeber... in pictures

I recently told someone about how I was working like 4 very part time jobs, three of them freelance writing. They said, "No wonder you never have time to write on your own blog!" So very true. I have things I want to write about but never the time! But I have 25 minutes until I pick Brighty up from preschool so I'll post some pics and commentary.
Brighton is so imaginative! She comes up with the most random things. Notice how there is a piece of styrophome she lovingly put in her backpack and she's holding a wooden spoon she referred to as "Buddy" that day. She loaded up all her priceless items in her shopping cart and then wanted me to pull them all around. Also, it's not rare that she's not wearing any pants, LOL.
Since we don't have a truck or big SUV, we got a Christmas tree still bundled up and took our chances on what it would look like. When we got it open it was a mess! We had to cut off all these huge random branches and then the thing would NOT stay standing up. It was the poor, leaning Christmas tree all year. We had to shove water bottles in the stand to keep it from falling over

We were at the mall for something and noticed Santa Claus was there. It was a weekday and no one was in line, so I took Brighton to see him. She was so scared the last two years she said "I'm going to be a big girl this year and I won't be shy of Santa Claus." and she wasn't! She sat on his lap and told him she wanted a race car, which was really random, and a guitar with pink sprinkles. Santa gave me a weird look and I just shrugged.

You can see where Brighton gets her imagination! Aaron made this little fort out of work boxes!

So since Brighton "wasn't shy of Santa" at the mall, I thought she'd do great at the ward party, so I dressed her up all cute for pictures and then she wouldn't leave my arms! She had a serious death grip on me but told him she wanted a doll house.

Dancing with daddy at the party to "Two Pants Suit" our famous ward rock band! :)

Dancing with cutie Owen.

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