Friday, February 25, 2011

LOVE listening to Bright

We all know that Brighton cracks me up.... but I LOVE the way she plays. I think I heard my sister ask (while watching Toy Story 3) if any kids actually play with their toys like that. Brighton absolutely does. This is probably a result of a lazy/busy mom who spends way too much time at her computer.... but it results in hilarity.
So right now at this very minute I'm listening to Bright
In a low pirate voice. "ARG" don't even think about it.
In a high voice: "Oh somebody please help me... please help me"
"No! No one help her! Peter Pan don't help her! Peter Pan is here... something about stupid... You should be tied up by now"
"Oh no no no! I don't want to be tied up.. nonon o don't do it!"
(wierd toot sound)
"no nono dont' ever!"
"Ha! that's better"
High Voice: "No it isn't! You should help me first. Peter Pans here and Tinker Bell!"
"Mommy pause the game" (She had me tie a bandana around a baby doll's mouth who is Wendy)
"Now she's making a muffled talking noise"
"Put her on the boat!"
She is now dressed up like a pirate and has fashioned a pirate ship out of a clothes bin and a stool.
So this isn't a particularly funny dialogue but it just happens to be what she's playing right this very minute. But I always over-hear her playing in her playroom with Barbies or her princess dolls or her doll house. And she's constantly talking. Usually it's even funnier but it just is so cute. I'll take some pics with my phone:

Oh now she changed from the pirate to TinkerBell and saved Wendy:


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