Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh the DRAMA!

I have always thought of myself as a rather laid-back person. I never liked involving myself in drama in jr. high or high school and I sure don't like it now in my 30's! So a) why has it found me more than it's fair share in the last four years and b) HOW on earth did I get the most dramatic 4-year-old EVER?
The answer to A just hit me. Two words: Desperate Housewives. Not that I ever watch that show but I am totally Susan (cause things that would never happen to regular people happen to me, especially whilst camping). And I totally have a friend who's Bree and a total Lynette. Ok so maybe I do watch...every week... and Tivo it... and own the box set. Don't take away my temple recommend, k?
This weekend I full-on yelled at my friend's husband (and friend of mine too) that he was driving me crazy. And not in a funny way. Went off for like 23 full seconds about it. What. the. heck? So not like me! But now I'm pretty sure they hate me. I shouldn't be around people while on estrogen shots. That's all I'm sayin'.
And speaking of Drama-mama herself, Brighton. uuughhh!! Why is everything the end of the world with her? I swear I can't even handle it anymore. Just now she cut her leg on her box-o-shoes that lives under her bed. (Which wouldn't have happened if she'd put on pants like she was supposed to! Instead she was trying to construct a dress out of 4 skirts) Anyway, she said "It hurts so baaaadddd! It feels like having a baby without any medicine!!!" That cheered me up!
Deacon has been pretty dramatic this week too- since he got 19, count them yes, 19 mosquito bites on his head and face while camping! His head feels like the Rocky Mountains. I think a mosquito was stuck in the tent with him during his nap and just went to town on his head. Poor guy has been miserable! His other drama moment is his baby doll stroller that he pushes everywhere. He tries to get it around every corner and through doors and up and down steps and has a mini-tantrum every time it gets stuck. It's actually pretty amusing too.

Originally when I started this post I was going to write down all of Brighton's drama moments all week, or really it might only take a couple days to get a dozen. But I'm too impatient. And I want some chocolate.


Doria said...

hehe... Never watched that show. Sounds like an adventure in your world though :)

Laura said...

Just randomly happened to come across your blog by hitting the "next blog" button and I LOVE it!! I absolutely cracked up when you said "please don't take away my temple recommend" and funny comments like that. Consider yourself followed because I am totally "following" you now! Haha