Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tee-ball Vs. Ballerina class

One day i was sitting around, as I often do, and I felt like a bad mom for not putting Brighton in any organized activities. (Although every day at the Flake house is like an organized sport) so I decided to put her in both T-ball and ballet class. Sure, why not?
Well T-ball was a big fat disaster. She HATED it! I'm not even exaggerating. She would cry when we would go to practice, refuse to put on her mitt, refuse to throw the ball, make birds nests in her hat with the grass, etc. She liked running around the bases... in the opposite direction. And during her game, instead of running to first base, she chased her own ball down the field.

Notice I said her game, singular. During said game, I had to stand out there with her just to keep her from sitting down or playing with the chalk lines that were completely fascinating to her. This was actually like an exhibition thing and not a real game. So in full disclosure, she did go to one real game where I had to make sure Deacon wasn't wandering onto the field instead of watching her. So halfway through an inning Coach Matt yells to me that Brighton is gone. She had wandered off and was two fields away catching bugs with some other little girls. At this point I finally realized, "What am I doing?" Torturing both of us? So I paid $7 for a trophy and called it good. No regrets there!

Ballet on the other hand was fabulous. She still had major distraction issues i.e. the gigantic mirror and all her cuteness. She has a hard time focusing and watching her teacher but it was fine because she was having a blast. Let's just say she's a free spirit like her mama! The funniest is when they are supposed to be all graceful and do ballet moves that they want to do, she practically closes her eyes and tilts her head up to the ceiling while she dances. She says it looks graceful. And she always goes down to the floor for her final pose. Her dance class was called Studio Motion and I totally recommend it for just $20 a month! Perfect for a first-timer. We'll go again next year, for sure.


Natalie Ball said...

Watching Brite at t-ball was the highlight of our season! Nathan still wants to know why she got a trophy when she never played the game! Such a beautiful little girl.

Doria said...

Awe she's just adorable doing both :) We have not tried anything sporty as of yet, actually all we tried was gymnastics and swimming. epic fail. But she does talk about going back to the gym! Have fun with ballet. Looks awesome!

hapi said...

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rsctt603 said...

she looks like she is having so much fun. That is great to train Kids in the arts and drama early