Monday, March 28, 2016

I have a SISTER! In MY TOWN!

I've always DREAMED of having family in Meridian.  I see kids with their aunts and cousins at dance recitals and sports games and it always makes me wish we had someone! My friends truly have become like family, helping us out the way family would and I still consider them all my sisters. But now I have a REAL SISTER in Meridian!

Heather and her family moved here! It's still so crazy. It almost happened like 17 times and I'd get my hopes up and then shattered. So last time when they said they were moving here I was like "yay...." Notice how there were no CAPS or !!!!!!??? That means I was excited but skeptical.  But when my mom flew me to Seattle to help her pack and move I was like "THIS IS REAL!!!" All caps and exclamation points!

Here's the hard thing. It's been really hard for their family. I mean, moving with 2 teenagers and one almost teenager? I would have been MAD at my parents and they are. :( Heather and Mike knew this was the right thing to do but the kids are still mad and I think it's been hard for Heather as well. So it's really hard to be the only super excited one in the group of Saddie McSadders.

It's weird cause I have no pictures of Heather and I together. I think next time I'm with my family I need to get one-on-one pics with everyone.

One of their first weekends here I forced them to come to the Boise greenbelt with me. We had one crazy moment where Deacon turned around to run back to me and almost got hit by a bike going pretty slowly. The guy stopped and started yelling like inches away from Deacon's face. Then he yelled the full-on F word right in his face. Deacon was so scared. I was so stunned but "Auntie Bear" came out in Heather and she let him have it. Too bad he was so far away or Mamma bear would have come out as well.

I'll just say, I LOVE this entire family. She has the BEST kids and my kids are obsessed with all of them.


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