Monday, March 28, 2016

Summer, I guess?

Every time I read my BFF Jessica's blog I realize how crappy of a family blogger I am. She inspires me. I stink. Anyway, I realize I didn't post ANYTHING from summer. So while she posted every camping trip and fun outing and milestone moment, I'm going to post a giant summer re-cap. (Since it's November.) Maybe in the Spring I'll post first day of school pictures.

Cowabunga Bay water park in Utah.

Rigby Lake!

Gregg's awesome outdoor concert with his band Alternative Nation! Saw my long time BFF Shanan there! Her husband is "in the band".

 My  mom and I babysat Lynzi's kids while she taught EFY in Alabama or somewhere like that. We took them to Cherry Hills water park. We also took them to a little indoor amusement park. There are random pics of that scattered throughout. ;)

4th of July in IF!

Got to see most of my High school Besties and meet Rochelle's little Vivi!

Hale family reunion in Island Park!

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