Monday, September 26, 2016

The Big 3-8. I'm basically 40.

I don't usually blog about my birthday but I have a few things to say. The last few years I've decided to take control of my holidays including my birthday and Mother's Day. I'm not going to sit around moping because no one remembered me or planned a celebration. I'm planning my own celebrations, dangit! I'll buy my own gifts if I want and I'll tell Aaron exactly what I want him to do. So there.
So this year since I've been on a restricted diet since February I decided I wanted to break my diet (again) for my birthday and plan my day around food. I asked a few of my close friends to join me for French Toast at Kneaders, and they did! And it was fabulous! I wish I had a pic.
I had a birthday lunch the day before with my friend Abby and I went to dinner on my birthday with Jessica and her husband. Then I made my own freaking dang cake and ate it! And it was delicious!
My sister Tami had her neighbor make my favorite dessert (Rum cake) and she mailed it to me! I was SO excited!
Jessica blew me out of the water by MAKING me this centerpiece for my new table! She looked on Pinterest and knew that's what I wanted and made it! I was insanely excited. The table is also new, so we'll count that as a birthday gift. ;) A really expensive one.

Here are my other birthday gifts:

Yes, This includes baby wash, Q tips, toothpaste, and things made from popsicle sticks including a mustache photo prop. LOL! My kids made me cards that made their gifts make sense. I'm a Cute-tip. The baby wash said "Angel" on it, cause I'm an angel, and I don't need the toothpaste cause I have a great smile. Kids are so funny.
The funniest thing is that we always to "Heavy Heavy Hangover" where the person has to guess what they'll do with the gift and one of the obligatory responses is always "flush it down the toilet." So Cannon thought it would be hilarious to actually get me something to flush down the toilet! haha! It was so funny. Then Heather got me this shirt from our favorite Podcast.

I forgot to get a picture of what Aaron gave me. He had the kids make me art using their feet that looks like butterflies and it had a poem with it. It was really cool. He had it framed. He also gave me a G.C. for a facial, per my request. :)
So the moral of this post is, take control of your own birthday! Byeeeeee.

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