Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Brighton is 10!

In January Brighton turned 10! Double digits! She's really starting to feel like a "tween." The beautiful thing about this phase is that she's fun to hang out with (like a teen) and relates to adults really well (better than I ever did!) But she's still a LITTLE girl. I'll still catch her role playing games with her stuffed animals, playing with baby dolls and writing notes to her fairy. But I'll also catch her posing in the mirror and texting her friends on my phone. Unlike a lot of girls her age, she's in no hurry to grow up. She's not boy crazy and so far she hasn't asked for any social media accounts. She does like to wear makeup but only a little bit. She actually told me she's annoyed that her dance teacher talks about boys because "I'm only 10! I'm not ready for that." :)  She's a total goof ball. Her and her friends at school have made up all these "bad words" you're not supposed to say like "cheese" (chez) Beans (benz)... they have a whole list. I think she's kind of the leader of the silly girls at school.  She's not like the "popular" leader that girls want to be around so as not to get on their bad side, but she is well-liked at school. At school they did a project where they all wrote something about everyone in the class and most everyone wrote something about how funny she is! Maybe she'll go for my dream job of being a comedy writer when she grows up.  For her birthday I wanted to take her to breakfast somewhere fun but all she wanted was a toasted bagel!

Then we took the kids up in the mountains to go to a super fun tubing hill!

It was her year for a friend party so we invited 15 girls to come to her SPA party!

 We did pedicures, facials, musical manicures and the girls had a BLAST!

I love my silly girl and I hope her "goofball island" never dies!

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