Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Missing Old Friends and Mountain Dew

Rainy days always get me too introspective. Sometimes that's good, but today it has me missing old friends. I'm sure this is worsened by the fact that I've been finding old friends on Facebook and missing them, and the times we had.

Most people hated high school, but not me. I loved high school. I had the best friends, many of whom I'm still friends with today. But I miss the ones I've lost touch with. It's strange though how although I was confident in high school, I keep seeming to have these strange dreams where I'm back in high school, but I've lost the confidence I had there. I'm always lost. Looking for a class, looking for a friend, looking for a place to fit in. It makes me wonder if I feel like my adult life has become that way. I'm stuck in between the place where you're single or without kids and most of your friends are from work because all the "moms" at church don't have enough in common with you to invite you places. Now that I am a mom, most of my friends have older kids, so I'm still not quite fitting in. I wonder if that's where these high school dreams come from.

Maybe I'm just missing how free and easy things were in high school and college. Friends would come over, we'd take off in the car, have a fun Saturday or night out. Summers were the best in high school. How did my parents ever let me get away with so little responsiblity! I'm glad, though, that my memories are of long, easy-going, Mountain Dew drinking, cookie dough eating days, instead of being the one serving the Mountain Dew at the drive-through.

Here's to old friends and Mountain Dew! I miss you both!


Brenda said...

Great post, Brooke. And I can't believe how big Bright is getting. She's so cute!

Anonymous said...

Amen to both sentiments old friend. Perhaps it was the copious amounts of Mt Dew consumed in those days that made everything seem so fantastic. - LP