Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Warning to Readers: My thoughts are like one of those spider charts

Remember in high school English when your teacher would have you make a spiderweb chart to brainstorm ideas? I loved that! I could fill a whole page in a minute with all the different legs of directions my ideas could go.

So far, my blog entries remind me of one of those charts and I've decided to officially let it be that way. I need a place for my web of thoughts to untangle and I think this blog might be great for that! So I apologize if an entry takes an unexpected turn.

An entry about scrapbooking could turn into thoughts about religion, or a cute picture of my daughter could turn into a life lesson. Who knows?! But I've decided I'm just going to let it go there, and I don't think I'll ever go back and edit blog entries. I'll fill up an entry as fast as I can fill a brainstorming web, fast! So I guess this isn't as much an apology as it is an explanation for my random thoughts. :) Thank you!

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