Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Salt Lake Aquarium

We had a day in Salt Lake after Grandma Child's funeral, so we decided to take Brighton to the aquarium in Utah. We went to the big Aquarium of the Pacific in California last year, so this didn't quite meet my expectations, lol. But there were some way cool things. I thought we had more cool pictures of the sting rays and jellyfish and octopus but I don't see them! I hope I didn't delete them accidentally!

Kissing the frog, hoping it would turn into a prince!

On another note, why do they call them the "terrible two's?" I think they should be the "tricky twos" and the "TOTALLY terrible threes!" geesh! I don't know if it's that I'm pregnant and emotional and/or lazy/tired but Brighton is trying my patience every single day! I know she is pressing the limits and my lazy parenting is not helping because it's hard not to just walk away when she's screaming at me instead of disciplining her, but she has days where I just want to put her in her room and forget about it! The afore mentioned lazy parenting is also not helpful in the fact that she has 100% regressed in potty training. She was fully trained in about July and didn't have an accident ever. Well now she has accidents all. the. time! Like multiple times a day. Thankfully it's just pee but I am at my wits end about it! We just got the sleeping through the night back under control and now we have this. Anyway, I'm just venting but I sure hope things get better after the baby is born and my brain isn't so mushy. Or will my brain just get mushier? I've tried to help Aaron with homework lately and I'll read a paragraph and it just does not sink in! I'm so glad I'm not in school! Anyway, I should probably read some parenting books or something, lol.

PS. Do you feel as cool as I do when you get done typing something and you spell check and there are no errors? (except the words that I maybe made up?) I rock.


Bekki said...

Hi Brooke! We've hit the terrible twos and yes, girls ARE terrible! So much different from my boys! I know exactly how you feel. My sister suggested a book "Raising Your Spirited Child". I haven't read it yet, but she swears by it! Love your cute pics, you are a cute pregnant mommy. The brain cells grow back but it does seem to get worse with each pregnancy....

Karen and Mike Sharp said...

I totally agree! Twos were NOTHING compared to threes. Kate is a little drama queen about everything--- so much worse than when she was two.
Hope your pregnancy is going well!!!

Rochelle said...

ha ha. love the spell check thing! but then I wonder about all my made up punctuation here and there.
So sorry to hear about your grandma Child. I hope it was a peaceful thing and a good funeral. I was thinking about you. We want to get together for a little shower. Shan called me last week. It must of been the feeling that you were only mintues away. Hope all is well and lets talk about when we will see each other next!
And as far as the potty training. I was so lazy when I was pregnant I waited until after I had Connor. I just felt better. Like could actually bend down. So don't stress!