Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free stuff on Craigslist- too funny!

I LOVE Craigslist. Aaron and I love getting a good deal, as most people know, but the free section of Craigslist can provide hours of entertainment.
Ok how about this one.
Free teacup and saucer. No, not a 6 piece teacup and saucer set. Just one teacup and saucer. Yes, hello Margaret, I'm here to pickup your free teacup and saucer, thank you!

Ones coming from BSU campus also crack me up like a free old frying pan one student is offering to the free blue towell another one just can't bear to throw away. This kid got a new towell, so he doesn't need his old one, but it was washed once a week so it's still in great condition. Hm, how about keeping a backup towell for guests? Just a thought.

OK what the?

These items apparently came out of a grab bag from a garage sale. I know we're an environmentally concious people but really, throw them away! I'm not going to drive to Parma to pick up a button with the date of President Bush's last day in office, or a squid fishing hook! (OK maybe the squid thing is kinda cool.)

There are a lot of broken electronics, dirt, boxes, bubble wrap, etc. There's also the people offering a free massage. That sounds safe! There are occasionally some good things on there, but the weird things keep me laughing!

Here is a "connection" for a sony walkman.

Ok I searched some other cities to see if they had funny things and I think Boise wins the prize for the most random things in the free section. It just makes me laugh to think about someone going through the trouble to go to someone's house to pick up a 3-ring binder. LOL.

One more... I don't even have words for this thing. Apparently a ham hat?


jessica said...

YOu're hilarious. You should totally go get the ham hat, I can't think of anything you couldn't wear it with! BTW, I just sold my stove and microwave on craigslist today...I love that people want to pay me money for stuff I don't want anymore!

Gregg said...

Love the ham hat!