Friday, March 20, 2015

Catching up- Soccer Season

This fall Deacon played on a little 4-year-old soccer team. It was Saturdays only, which was great for beginners. They both played in the Spring but it wasn't for Brighton. She liked it because her team was mostly girls. They named themselves the "Cheetah girls" and wanted to gab the whole time, whether they were on the sidelines or the fields. (Brighton had never met these girls before, but of course they were instant BFF's.)  It was funny, if the ball happened to be kicked right to her, she'd look at it, kick it away and go back to chatting. Hilarious.

Deacon wanted to play again in the fall. He's definitely not the best on the team, but not the worst either! Mostly he just runs fast and tries to get the ball if it breaks away from the kid-cluster. He scored one goal and grabbed the side of his head in excitement!

Some pics from Spring:

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