Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Piper turns 3!

My BABY is 3! And the funniest thing on the planet.  Talk about personality! This kid is constantly on one, I swear. If you give her a little attention, she will put all she has into making you laugh! She's also a feisty-pants and a mamma's girl. When I was growing up I always heard about when I was a toddler I'd just slowly and quietly climb onto someone's lap in between what they were trying to do. I thought that was funny but didn't really get what they meant until I had Piper and she does the exact same thing. The minute I sit down to do anything, there's Piper nudging herself onto my lap. Or if I'm walking, it's less subtle. She'll speed up and run right in front of me, put her arms up and say "hold you!" And I do.  I can't resist holding this little pumpkin and it doesn't help that she only weighs 25 lbs at 3 years old! Yes, I should teacher her to say "hold me" instead of "hold you" but it's too stinkin' cute and she's my last, so dang it! I'm holding out. Don't judge.

Some things about Pip:
She's still completely persnickety. She wants what she wants, whether it's a certain cereal bowl or a dress she wants to wear. She'll be super stubborn until she gets it.
She's Miss Independent! You can tell her to go get dressed, forget you even asked her, and she'll come down 10 minutes later completely changed. And then she'll yell "Surprise!" 
Anything she CAN do (or thinks she can do) by herself, she will! She likes to be my "big helper".
She's finally over Daniel Tiger! For a solid year that is ALL she wanted to watch and she's finally outgrown him.
She loves to drink warm milk in a sippy cup WHILE watching TV. If I get her milk before her show is ready, she'll save her milk until the show she wants is on so she can watch it and drink at the same time. Kinda like how I like eating ice cream while watching the Bachelor. It's ceremonial.
Her favorite people are Matthew Stimpson and her cousin Michael.

And they both adore her in a dangerous way. Dangerous because she likes it when they do naughty things... so when they're together BAD things happen! Such as:

She's kind of a homebody. She likes going to do things but only for a little while and then it's "I want to go home!" When we're at the park, she'll play for a while and then want to spend the right of the time on my lap.

Her favorite thing in the world is "ballerina class".



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