Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Piper turns 5!

Piper. Pip. Piper Diaper. Pippy. Pippa. Pipa Dipe. Love this girl!

This wasn't her friend party year but we took her "Miracle friend" (That's more than a BFF) Raygen Kendall to Chuck-E. Cheese. And since her brother is also Deacon's BFF we took him too and Brighton took her friend Autumn.

I love the friendship these two little girls have! They play as often as they can and they have so much fun together! They used to get into A LOT of trouble but I think we've finally got them under control. It's fun to listen to them have little quarrels and then work it out themselves. 

Piper is a ball of personality! She's always the one trying to make everyone laugh, making funny faces and voices... but I'm not gonna lie, the girl has a slightly dark side too! She's always had a bit of a mean streak when it comes to Brighton. She and Deacon were so close before Deacon went off to first grade that she gets a little combative when it comes to getting his time and attention. We're working on it! She LOVES to dance, loves preschool and anything outside, especially SNOW! She's the kid that's up for ANYTHING. If someone is doing something (even going to Walmart) she wants to go! She's always looking for an adventure. She tried skiing this winter and loved it!

 Oh, and she doesn't like wearing clothes. She's in her underwear like 50% of the time.

If she's stuck at home she'll either be asking "what can I do?" or watching YouTube Kids! That's Piper!

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