Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Viva la Mexico!

Mexico was amazing! When Aaron and I took our huge 2-week trip to the Yucatan Peninsula a couple years ago I kept mental notes on all the fun places I knew the kids would love. So this year we decided to take the kids! We opened it up to my family and my parents said YES!
For the first week we stayed at a giant resort called Vidanta right on the beach near Playa del Carmen. This is us waiting for a shuttle because the resort was that big.
This was the beach right in front of the resort. It was fun but there were rocks in the water which made for some snorkeling but no fun waves to play in.

 On day 3 we took the Ferry to Cozumel to visit the orphanages. We packed a giant suitcase full of stuff for the kids but when we got there the director wouldn't let us give it to the kids directly. :( We also couldn't really even interact with the kids like we did last time. My kids were really disappointed! And so we were but at least we did some good!

 One of the absolute highlights was going to the Adventure Park Xcaret! There was so much to do and see! There was a little water park area, ropes course, underground cave tubing, shows, snorkeling, a bay, an aquarium, and at the end a huge stadium show about the History of Mexico. It was a full day but the kids LOVED it!

The Cirque du Solei show was inside our resort, so we splurged and took the kids to see it. It was also super duper cool.

 After our week at the resort we took the Ferry to Isla Mujeres. This is the very tip of the island.

 We rented golf carts and that's how we got around all three days!
 The highlight of Isla Mujeres was the Dolphin Discovery! Brighton and I interacted with dolphins and it was AMAZING! The whole area was so fun to spend the day by the pool, in the hammocks with unlimited food and drinks! We really lounged around that day and felt spoiled!

Brighton also LOVED the turtle farm. She's obsessed with sea turtles!

The beach in Isla. It was gorgeous!

I also really enjoyed walking down the little main street of Isla, shopping, eating marquesitas and people watching!
 We had SO many amazing pics, these are just the tip of the iceburg!  The kids are already asking when can we go back!?

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